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  • …for a true Christian, all strangers are Jesus.

    A. A. Attanasio, Jeff Bigman (2011). “The Dragon and the Unicorn: The Perilous Order of Camelot, Volume One”, p.113, A. A. Attanasio
  • Ricardo Pinto's The Chosen strikes the reader with great force.

    Force   Strikes   Reader  
  • Now you see. We are all fugitives. We have always been fugitives from the void. Whatever comfort, whatever power we gain from outside of ourselves diminishes us -- because comfort and power, unless they are won from the void inside of us, are illusions that make us forget the emptyness that carries us. When we forget that, we believe we deserve comfort and power and so are capable of any evil. We deserve nothing but what we make of ourselves. We deserve nothing else. And when we understand that, then nothing is enough.

    Believe   Evil   Gains  
  • I dream of a true husband—a good man, not a brute, nor a champion of men on the battlefield; I dream but of a gentle man, one who neither speaks too loud nor ignores evil.

    Dream   Husband   Men  
    "The Dragon and the Unicorn: The Perilous Order of Camelot". Volume One,
  • The hand is no different from what it creates.

  • Silence is a text easy to misread.

    A. A. Attanasio (1997). “The Eagle and the Sword”, Harper Prism
  • Being human is the most terrible loneliness in the universe.

    A. A. Attanasio (1997). “The Dragon and the Unicorn”, GuildAmerica Books
  • The madness of demons is rage - the madness of angels - hope.

    Angel   Madness   Demon  
    A. A. Attanasio, Jeff Bigman (2011). “The Dragon and the Unicorn: The Perilous Order of Camelot, Volume One”, p.103, A. A. Attanasio
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