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  • The Obama administration has issued numerous orders essentially suspending deportations, prompting a major spike in illegal crossings.

  • Obama repeatedly has condemned Hamas as a terrorist organization that should be isolated until it renounces violence and recognizes Israel.

  • I have been under assault by the liberal media in the United States.

    "Aaron Klein Responds to HuffPo — And Admits His Kahanist Sympathies" by Terry Krepel, www.huffingtonpost.com. June 15, 2010.
  • Democrats have a long history of utilizing the threat of a potential Ebola outbreak to request massive federal funds while attacking Republicans for expressing skepticism over their funding schemes.

  • Lost in much of the national debate about immigration reform is how Democrats ultimately stand to gain electorally with any legislation or executive action that would put the newly legalized residents on a path to voting.

  • The official Hamas charter calls for the murder of Jews and destruction of the Jewish state.

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