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  • Solve a real problem. You don't start a company because you want to be an entrepreneur or the fame and glory that comes along with it. You become an entrepreneur to solve a real problem.

  • It's okay to doubt yourself, it's okay to feel down; just never give up.

  • Observe the world around you everything you do, and especially everything you hate to do.

  • People do make judgments of trust on appearance - in the real world and online.

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  • Solve a real problem and the world is yours.

  • The other big factor in building trust quickly is site design quality. Mint.com has one of the best graphic designers ever (Jason Putorti) - he cares about every pixel, all the fonts, all the transparencies and effects. And that shows instantly. People do make judgments of trust on appearance - in the real world and online.

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  • Recessions are great because they unlock the best people.

  • When valuing a startup, add $500k for every engineer, and subtract $250k for every MBA.

    "Is Now the Time to Hire MBAs?" by Ben Horowitz, www.businessinsider.com. May 18, 2012.
  • Tell anyone and everyone your idea without fear they're going to steal it.

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