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  • I think most artists feel like they're outside society - no matter how many accolades they receive, or how much money is in your bank account, whatever is going on in your life on the professional side.

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  • I do know that for all the artists it's very important to speak in a vernacular that can be understood by everyone.

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  • An artist doesn't necesetharily have to get acclaim from the outside. Maybe it is much better if he can get validation from within.

  • I thought it was a huge conflict of interest to be the director and the subject - it's very sketchy territory to be in. I've seen what's happened to other directors who have done that.

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  • The suburbs are incredibly oppressive. I actually believe that the suburbs are much more dangerous than the ghettos.

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  • You can do pretty much anything you want in this world, and it's not all that difficult - you just have to ignore the people who tell you that you need to go this way, and it's the only way.

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  • I'm a writer, so I interview people all the time, and I think of it as being a very creative process. Giving interviews is actually one of the most creative parts of the film promotion process.

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  • In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.

    "The Reader's Digest", Volume 152, January 1998.
  • I've noticed in my life that as you work on more things with more people, you spend less time hanging out with other people who are artists, creative people who give you a sense of family.

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