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  • Every day we encounter situations where we have to make a stand. Looking back, I could have not hand-picked a better song to be my first single.

    Song   Hands   Encounters  
  • I'm a machine freak. I just love it when you can get a big ol' steel machine to do the most that it's capable of doing.

    Steel   Machines   Freak  
  • Never underestimate your fans; they'll tell you exactly what they like.

  • The romantic stuff comes a lot easier when you're experiencing true love. It feels better, it feels more natural to record love songs when you're in love.

  • Yes there's a lady that stands in a harbor for what we believe. And there's a bell that still echoes the price that it cost to be free.

    Song: Where the Stars and Stripes and the Eagle Fly
  • To me, my Dad's the greatest guy - next to Jesus Christ - who ever walked this planet. He's been that outstanding male role model in my life. And he's still the same guy I grew up around, very conscious of the image he sets forth. As he would say, 'Wouldn't do anything behind your back that I wouldn't do to your face.'

    Jesus   Dad   Role Models  
  • I think my weight-training proved to me more than anything that I can do anything in life if I really put my mind to it. I saw me bring myself from 137 pounds to 175 pounds over a seven-year period. That alone said to me that all you have to do is really stick with something, and you can accomplish anything you want. It's brought me great self-esteem because I know I did it. I changed me.

  • I grew up with very hands-on jobs. I was raised on a farm and taught to work hard. In this high-tech, high-speed society, somewhere along the line, we got the message that if we're not a brain surgeon or an astronaut, we really shouldn't be proud of ourselves.

    Jobs   Hard Work   Hands  
  • On the road you can really be more regular about it and work it into daily routines. There's no town that doesn't have a gym. And if you find one that actually doesn't, you can go to the local high school. They always have one.

  • Some sell their soul for the easy road. The devil's always buying. I can't count the ones I've known who fell right into line.

    Soul   Devil   Lines  
    Song: Trim Yourself to Fit the World, Album: Call of the Wild
  • I'd like to set things straight, a few more people should be pulling their weight.

    Reality   People   Weight  
  • That's the biggest problem existing in this country! People are always mixing up the word free and freedom. Free is something you get for nothin.' Freedom is a responsibility. We think freedom means do nothing, don't be responsible for your actions.... I think its time for adult Americans to be responsible for themselves, to take back the responsibility of being a free nation.

  • People are always asking what's the secret of my success, and the answer is easy - at least for me. You have to have a strong inner drive. If you don't have a goal or purpose to strive for, I don't think that you have much of a life. You've got to have something to do that you want to apply yourself to - that's what living is all about.

  • You've got to stand for something, or you'll fall for anything You've got to be your own man, not a puppet on a string

    Fall   Men   Puppets  
    Song: You've Got To Stand For Something, Album: You've Got to Stand for Something, 1991
  • The fans are the end result of what we do. Sometimes I think we forget that those are the folks that mean it in this game. There's plenty of evidence to be found that you can have all the #1 records in the world, but if you really ain't touchin' them, you don't come home with gold records and platinum records. I'm very proud that we've only had one #1 record, but we've sold two and one half million!

    Home   Mean   Thinking  
  • I was born by God's dear grace, in an extraordinary place. Where the stars and stripes, and the eagle fly.

    Stars   Eagles   Grace  
    Song: Where the Stars and Stripes and the Eagle Fly
  • I write about what I know and what I've experienced. That's the only way it can be real to me. I love songwriting. There is something so satisfying in coming up with an idea and turning it into a song that means something to people.

    Song   Real   Writing  
  • You're not challenging anyone else but yourself. I'd like to have a 300-pound bench, 500-pound deadlift, and a 400-pound squat.

  • Whatever you do today you've got to sleep with tonight.

    Sleep   Tonight   Today  
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