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  • Cereal when high is always a great option. I don't even have cereal for that reason.

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  • Women right now, we can't make mediocre [stuff]. Men can and do make tons of mediocre stuff, but I feel like women.

    Men   Stuff   Mediocre  
  • Every show that comes out that's female driven is compared to the last female-driven show, as if it's taking over.

    Female   Lasts   Driven  
  • Comedy can simultaneously allow you to dive headfirst into the world's pain and escape it.

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  • I think being compassionate of each other's lives and issues is nonnegotiable when it comes to friendships. We're all going through different stages and issues, and as I get older, I'm trying to lean into that.

  • I think that Ruth Bader Ginsburg needs, like, a pump-up. And I think Jock Jams is a classic pump-up. Like before she starts working, she needs that.

  • I used to not be into the fancy ones. I used to eat goo balls all the time.

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