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  • You can get too heavy on the masculine side of things with all of the action, but then we've got a really nice balance going on when you go home and look at the wives' story lines and what's going on on the home front. I think people really respond to that balance of masculine and feminine.

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  • The theater and film, they're like two completely different mediums.

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  • To any aspiring actor, go and train yourself.

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  • I was trained at a conservatory school, and they usher you into the business by giving you a showcase. I was so lucky that I met with an agent, and he sent me on an audition for a TV pilot, and I happened to book it. It was like complete luck that it happened.

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  • You need to tune your instrument, which is your body and your mind, and your soul.

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  • I was trained in the theater, so I really learned a lot about how to work with the camera, just technically speaking, it's been an amazing learning curve.

  • I think a lot of people feel like they may not get the recognition that they deserve, but that they can still kind of maintain and do good, and there's a kind of quiet satisfaction in not being recognized for stuff.

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  • A lot of people kind of want to wait until you're off a show before they book you into a movie.

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  • I think everybody really responds to the secret society aspect. This idea that you have to remain anonymous, and yet at the same time, you're kind of saving the world.

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  • I never really said I wanted to be a TV star, when I was a kid.

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  • There's nothing like a good conservatory drama school to really get you ready for the work force.

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