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  • I stand, limited primitive, sentimentalist, escapist The way I shape this landscape, automatically makes this, vivid I give it a rivet, hold it, stand at the pivot I love it, learn to live it, then give you my exhibit

    Song: The Guidelines, 1998
  • I'd rather stimulate your mind than emulate your purpose

    Song: The Guidelines, 1998
  • I got a head full of headaches, a heart that's full of woes. I'm constantly singin' them down home blues, and not many people knows That leaves me with a twisted view of the whole wide world as I know it... And I guess I got no choice but to be a poet.

    Song: Headaches and Woes
  • The world is full of bullshitters, Liars, and triers and quitters, Coulda-beens, wannabe's, thought-I-was, isn't-I-is's... And everybody in your business.

    Song: Keep It True, Album: All Balls Don't Bounce, 1995
  • I was about one drink away from my limit, In came a black dress with a black body in it, She looked so timid, it took me a minute To get her in focus

  • Until I'm over the hill and over the hump; I'm gonna let my music bump and give the people what they want.

  • Super silver, Hawaiian haze Sativa, indica, Solomon's grave Genesis, chapter one verse twelve ways Marijuana, hashish, everybody blaze Fuels and fibers, energy saved When the natives met the travelers, guess what they gave All praise due to the seeds they raised And the people all over the world that smoke J's Kings and queens, musicians, actors Everyday, working class, stoners, slackers Low key blazers and green bowl packers If Mary Jane is in the house then I'm gon' mack her This is dedicated to everybody in the world that smoke weed Legalize it

    Weed   Kings   Queens  
  • The second somebody dies somebody else is born People are celebrating while other people morn Home may be home to you but to me it's foreign Even the matador don't pull the bull by the horns

  • You're a trivial part in a trivia game. Now what's your aim? A presidential campaign? Like Ross Perot? He lost it though... But he got a billion in tha bank fo' sho'!

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