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  • Your misery is everyone else's entertainment.

  • You have to kind of shift the way you look at life when you're in a group of people that you work with. It's not so much, do they make you feel good when you're around them all the time; it's how can you make everyone feel comfortable together.

    Interview with Maranda Pleasant, 2014.
  • I think the biggest, saddest thing that happens in our lives is that we just don't embrace the things that could make it better because they don't seem to make it better at any given moment or we can't decide how to get across the aisle to that person.

    Interview with Maranda Pleasant, 2014.
  • The nice thing about being on stage is it's not that I know what to do, but I have a very clear feeling that anything I do is OK. All I'm up there to do is express how I feel. Any way I choose to do that is fine.

    Interview with Maranda Pleasant, 2014.
  • When you're young and you play music, you have a peer group, you come out of a scene. There's a lot of people you know, and then you have some success, and it all goes away.

    Interview with Maranda Pleasant, 2014.
  • All my songs are where I am.

  • That's where the songs come from: that's what I'd most want people to understand. What sounds good or looks good, that's nothing. The only worthwhile thing in art is seeing someone else's heart.

  • You don't understand what makes you understand what makes your life better until you take something that makes it so much worse and you embrace that.

    Interview with Maranda Pleasant, 2014.
  • I'm so busy trying to breathe through the pain that I'm breathing through the pain of being with people, and that is no way to spend a life. Eventually, they'll just go away, because you will make them sad. That's something I've proven quite adept at doing over the years.

  • Sometimes the world seems like a big hole. You spend all your life shouting down it and all you hear are echoes of some idiot yelling nonsense down a hole.

  • People ask me if I have stage fright. I say, "God, no, I'm completely comfortable there. I have rest-of-the-day fright."

    Interview with Maranda Pleasant, 2014.
  • I can't remember all the times I've tried to tell myself to hold on to these moments as they pass

  • You want to embrace, but I can't figure out how to hold on to it.

  • There just is exponentially more money in the movie business than in the music business. As a result there are more people involved in the creative process.

  • For me, songwriting is something like breathing: I just do it. But that doesn't mean you're fantastic.

  • When so much money is involved in these movies, someone somewhere is going to try to screw you.

  • I'm really good in a crisis, because I don't panic.

  • Being in a band is about making the band the priority.

    Interview with Maranda Pleasant, 2014.
  • I think I'd been limiting myself in some ways just writing in first person all the time.

  • Losing fights, or even winning fights, can be heartbreaking, and you can throw that away, but the truth is that it does make our lives better.

    Interview with Maranda Pleasant, 2014.
  • It's always music first, or melody and words together, but never words first.

  • A long December and there's reason to believe, maybe this year will be better than the last.

  • My life isn't necessarily more important than anyone else's: I'm just better in talking about it.

  • I've spent most of my life living in cities where people are obsessed with looking down on people from everywhere else. You get so used to doing it that you start to believe it's simply what everyone does. It makes for an atmosphere of unwelcome that penetrates much of our modern life. It's a shame really because a couple days in Oklahoma will open your eyes to how much better it would be if the rest of the country was filled with a few more people from Oklahoma.

  • I feel like I've been in love, but I have stood aside from it over and over again in my life. It's all you want, but it's terrifying.

  • You aren't really writing about what you did; you're writing about how you feel.

    Interview with Maranda Pleasant, 2014.
  • People really need to show up early to hear Hollis Brown. They are just an unbelievable live band.

  • We waste a lot of our lives sometimes. There are people sitting across from us who would make the whole world better if we spent more time with them in it, but we can't get across that gully.

    Interview with Maranda Pleasant, 2014.
  • Time and time again I can't please myself.

  • If you've never stared off into the distance, then your life is a shame.

    "Song: 'Mrs. Potter's Lullaby'". 2000.
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