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  • Rather than make claims of final theories, perhaps we should focus on our ever-continuing dialogue with the universe. It is the dialogue that matters most, not its imagined end. It is the sacred act of inquiry wherein we gently trace the experienced outlines of an ever-greater whole. It is the dialogue that lets the brilliance of the diamond’s infinite facets shine clearly. It is the dialogue that instills within us a power and capacity that is, and always has been, saturated with meaning.

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    Adam Frank (2011). “About Time: Cosmology and Culture at the Twilight of the Big Bang”, p.337, Simon and Schuster
  • New laws, new kinds of things can emerge as the universe evolves. The more moving parts you have in something, the more possibilities there are. There's a whole new science now of complexity, and what we see is that complexity requires a very different approach than the kind of bottom-up approach that fundamental physics has always used. We're gonna have to think about the world in a different way if we want to address complex systems.

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    "Doctor Strange Advisor Explains the Science Behind Marvel's Multiverse". Interview with Screenrant, March 2, 2017.
  • The ideas always have to be in service of the story. And that's what Scott and the writers did - they weren't trying to beat you over the head with an idea; they had a story they wanted to tell, and they had ideas, so they used the story as a way of fleshing out the ideas. It all depends on where they want to go with it.

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    "Doctor Strange Advisor Explains the Science Behind Marvel’s Multiverse". Interview With Marc N. Kleinhenz, March 2, 2017.
  • People love science and all it offers, but they also feel a calling in themselves to the sense of what's deeper.

  • I'm found of what's called emergence - as the universe gets more complex, new laws can emerge. Like evolution - there's things that you just aren't able to explain, even if you had an understanding of atoms.

    "Doctor Strange Advisor Explains the Science Behind Marvel's Multiverse". Interview with Screenrant, March 2, 2017.
  • The way superheroes dominate the fictional landscape now, along with dystopian futures and zombies. Yeah, definitely - I think these stories function as a kind of mythology for us.

  • Right now, culturally, we're seeing a really interesting evolution in ideas about spirituality and the world, right? The number of people who consider themselves to be religious and going to services is dropping, and the number of people who consider themselves to be spiritual but not religious is increasing.

  • Scientists and artists are both living in the cultural milieu that they come up in. They're always responding to what is happening culturally.

  • Millennials, in particular, consider themselves to be spiritual, but they're not necessarily going to anybody's church. It's not like the world is becoming hardcore, Richard Dawkins-atheist, but people are looking to sort of synthesize science - people love science, especially the millennials.

    "Doctor Strange Advisor Explains the Science Behind Marvel's Multiverse". Interview with Screenrant, March 2, 2017.
  • There's not a single shred of evidence for the multiverse. If, in order to explain this universe, you need a theory that invents an infinite number of parallel universes - that's not a very good theory.

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  • Like most young physicists, when I was a kid enraptured with physics, I thought, "Everything can be explained by the theory of the atom!" But as I've gotten older, and I look at the world, I think there's a lot of ways in which that kind of building up from the smallest building blocks doesn't actually account for the world. As I've gotten older, I've also become sensitive to the ways - to all that is not amenable to explanation. Things that, even if you had an explanation, what good would it be?

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    "Doctor Strange Advisor Explains the Science Behind Marvel's Multiverse". Interview with Screenrant, March 2, 2017.
  • People have been talking about multiverses as a philosophical idea for a long time. But the current incarnations in physics, I think, are more indicative of problems with some things going on at the frontier of physics than ideas that are gonna last.

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