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  • That song [ "Proud of your boy" ] in particular, I sing towards the beginning of the show [Aladdin], and what it does is show his wants and needs at the beginning and what's motivating him and carry it throughout the show. It gives him layers and dimensions. He's a well rounded character and it's great.

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  • We all [on Aladdin] have a passion to perform and a lot of us trained to do this and there's a certain gratification from knowing that you did your best work and knowing that you are at the level that you are at.

  • Nicklaus at the 86 Masters. At his age, with his game at the time.

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  • We all work together to pump each other up. Before the show [Aladdin], we give each other a pound on the back, like a sports team.

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  • You can check that box off. You want to make your parents proud for the tuition they paid at NYU.

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  • Alan Menken took me to his studio and we went through his trunks of songs and put together an album of stuff that people and stuff that people don't know. I'm very proud with the way it came out. I had no idea what it would be like to do an album and that process was grueling and tedious but it was very rewarding. I would do it again if I had the chance.

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  • I remember the first time I saw a Broadway show and how excited I was. That really fuels me and for some, it's the first time they have seen Aladdin.

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  • I get to sing a great song called "Proud of your boy" which was by Alan Menken and Howard Ashman and they were so hurt when it had to be cut from the film [Aladdin]. They were not happy. For the sake of the film, they had to streamline everything.

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  • I always loved Alan Menken songs and wanted my first album to be a tribute to him and his work. I always loved his music.

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  • What fuels me is that there are a lot of people coming to Broadway and to the show [Aladdin] for the first time. Lots of kids and lots of adults and it's usually the kids were it's a special moment for them.

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  • I did an album and they allowed me to sell it at the show. I also did a Disney cruise line gig. I always wanted to make an album and it was an idea that came to me when we first started working on Aladdin.

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