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  • I've never been more normal than I am now.

    "Biography/ Personal Quotes".
  • My worst fear is my music won't connect with the public.

    "Mad about the girl" by Sylvia Patterson, January 27, 2008.
  • The focus on my appearance has really surprised me. I've always been a size 14 to 16, I don't care about clothes, I'd rather spend my money on cigarettes and booze.

  • Would I show my body off if I was thinner? Probably not, because my body is mine. I think I remind everyone of themselves. I'm not saying everyone is my size, but it's relatable because I'm not perfect, and I think a lot of people are portrayed as perfect, unreachable and untouchable.

    "Adele on Her Comeback, Motherhood and the Success of '21'" by Julie Kosin, November 3, 2015.
  • I like having my hair and face done, but I'm not going to lose weight because someone tells me to. I make music to be a musician not to be on the cover of Playboy.

  • My aim in life is never to be skinny.

    Skinny   Life Is   Aim  
    Biography/Personal Quotes,
  • Sometimes my songs wander off a bit and are not always coherent.

    Song   Sometimes   Wander  
  • I've never seen magazine covers and seen music videos and been like I need to look like that if I want to be a success. Never. I don't want to be some skinny mini with my tits out. I really don't want to do it. And I don't want people confusing what it is that I'm about.

  • I am never writing a breakup record again, by the way. I'm done with being a bitter witch.

    Breakup   Writing   Done  
  • There's a fire starting in my heart

    Heart   Fire   My Heart  
    Song: Rolling in the Deep, Album: 21, 2011
  • Exploiting yourself sexually is not a good look. I don't find it encouraging...I just stand there and sing. I'm not worried that I'm a 'plus size' and so much bigger than other artists. No matter what you look like the key is to be happy with yourself.

    Artist   Keys   Looks  
  • I would only lose weight if it affected my health or sex life, which it doesn't.

    Sex   Acceptance   Weight  
    "Adele: The Biography" book by Chas Newkey-Burden, 2011.
  • I no longer buy papers or tabloids or magazines or read blogs. I used to. But it was just filling up my day with hatred.

  • Should I give up or should I just keep chasing pavement, even if it leads nowhere?

    Song: Chasing Pavements, Album: 19, 2008
  • Crying is really bad for your vocal cords.

    Cry   Vocal Cords   Vocal  
    Biography/Personal Quotes,
  • Mum loves me being famous! She is so excited and proud, as she had me so young and couldn't support me, so I am living her dream, it's sweeter for both of us. It's her 40th birthday soon and I'm going to buy her 40 presents.

  • There will be no new music until it's good enough and until I'm ready.

    "Greatest Billboard 200 Albums & Artists of All Time: Adele's '21' & The Beatles Are Tops" by Keith Caulfield, December 11, 2015.
  • I let it fall, my heart And as it fell, you rose to claim it, It was dark, and I was sober, Until you kissed my lips and you saved me.

    Break Up   Fall   Heart  
  • If I am constantly working, my relationships fail. So at least now I can have enough time to write a happy record. And be in love and be happy.

    Nice   Writing   Kids  
    "Singer Adele backpedals on five-year hiatus comments". Vogue Interview, February 15, 2012.
  • I don't care if you're black, white, short, tall, skinny, rich or poor. If you respect me I'll respect you

  • I don't want to be on the cover of Playboy or Vogue.

    Want   Playboy   Vogue  
    Biography/Personal Quotes,
  • The scars of your love remind me of us they keep me thinking that we almost had it all the scars of your love they leave me breathless I can't help feeling we could have had it all

    Song: Rolling In The Deep, Album: 21, 2011
  • Don't underestimate the things that I will do.

    Song: Rolling in the Deep, Album: 21, 2011
  • I just want to make music, I don't want people to talk about me. All I've ever wanted to do was sing. I don't want to be a celebrity. I don't want to be in people's faces, you know, constantly on covers of magazine that I haven't even known I'm on.

    People   Magazines   Want  
  • I think it's shameful when you sell out. It depends what kind of artist you wanna be, but I don't want my name anywhere near another brand.

    Artist   Thinking   Names  
  • I don’t have time to worry about something as petty as what I look like.

    "Adele Opens Up About Her Inspirations, Looks and Stage Fright". Interview with Toure, April 28, 2011.
  • I'm just writing love songs. I'm not trying to be pop. I'm not trying to be jazz. I'm not trying to be anything. I'm just writing love songs. And everyone loves a love song.

    Song   Writing   Trying  
  • I love a card. You know, cards? At birthdays? I collect them.

    Birthday   Cards   Knows  
    "Adele: the girl with the mighty mouth" by Tom Lamont, March 26, 2011.
  • In my hometown memories are fresh.

  • I love a bit of drama. That's a bad thing. I can flip really quickly.

    Drama   Flip   Bits  
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    • Born: May 5, 1988
    • Occupation: Singer-songwriter