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  • If this country [America] is to survive, the best-fed-nation myth had better be recognized for what it is: propaganda designed to produce wealth not health.

  • To say that obesity is caused by merely consuming too many calories is like saying that the only cause of the American Revolution was the Boston Tea Party.

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    Adelle Davis (1970). “Let's Eat Right To Keep FIt”
  • The longer I work in nutrition, the more convinced I become that for the healthy person all foods should be delicious.

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    Adelle Davis (1970). “Let's Eat Right To Keep FIt”
  • I see little hope for a nation that values the health of its livestock more than that of its people....Farmers are not criticized for routinely giving their (live)stock nutritional supplements....superior to any sold for humans...Millions of families could plant home gardens if they truly wanted health. Refined food are practically unknown in Russia. The life expectancy of the 40-year-old American is near the lowest in the world.

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  • We are indeed much more than what we eat, but what we eat can nevertheless help us to be much more than what we are.

  • Nutrition . . . has been kicked around like a puppy that cannot take care of itself. Food faddists and crackpots have kicked it pretty cruelly . . .

    Care   Nutrition   Puppy  
    Adelle Davis (1970). “Let's Eat Right To Keep FIt”
  • As I see it every single day you do one in every of two issues: construct well being or produce illness in your self.

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  • As I see it every day you do one of two things: build health or produce disease in yourself.

    Adelle Davis (1970). “Let's Eat Right To Keep FIt”
  • Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper.

    "Million Dollar Habits: Proven Power Practices to Double and Triple Your Income". Book by Brian Tracy, May 2, 2006.
  • Thousands upon thousands of persons have studied disease. Almost no one has studied health.

    Adelle Davis (1970). “Let's Eat Right To Keep FIt”
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