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  • To seek Truth is to deny Truth to being with. To seek Truth is to avoid Truth, constantly.

    Truth Is   Deny  
  • Death is utterly acceptable to consciousness and life.

    Adi Da Samraj (2005). “Easy Death: Spiritual Wisdom on the Ultimate Transcending of Death and Everything Else”, p.3, North Atlantic Books
  • Anybody who is not pulling his weight is probably pushing his luck.

    Luck   Weight   Pushing  
  • When you're learning, you're burning - putting out a lot of heat. When you're all burned up, then you become light.

    Light   Burning   Heat  
  • You are all spirits. It is not that you "have" a spirit. To have a spirit implies that you are spirit and that you are also something else. Human beings are spirits. Being a human being is one of the ways of being a spirit.

    Way   Spirit   Humans  
  • The Truth that is to be Realized may be summarized simply as the Realization that no matter what is arising, no matter how many others are present, there is only One Being. This is precisely different from the childish but common religious notion that even when you are alone there is always Someone Else present, Who will look out for you if you do the right thing. True freedom is not a matter of striking a deal with an All-Powerful Parental Deity; no such God exists. True freedom is in the Realization that there is only God and You are That One.

    Love   Religious   Truth  
    "The Parental Deity and the One to Be Realized" by Adi Da, February 7, 1983.
  • The exclusion of true esoteric religion has been the business of the State since ancient times. At first this was done via the establishment of the popular idealism of exoteric religious institutions in league with the State. But in modern times the same process is done by the strategic exclusion of conventional religious cultism, mystical idealism, and higher evolutionary Wisdom from the mechanisms of popular culture.

    Religious   League   Done  
    Adi Da Samraj (1980). “Scientific proof of the existence of God will soon be announced by the White House!: prophetic wisdom about the myths and idols of mass culture and popular religious cultism, the new priesthood of scientific and political materialism, and the secrets of enlightenment hidden in the body of man”, Dawn Horse Pr
  • Men have only two emotions: hungry and horny. If you see him without an erection, make him a sandwich.A bargain is something you don't need at a price you can't resist.

    Hilarious   Men   Two  
  • Real intelligence must be fiercely capable of investigating every aspect of existence, including the very process of knowledge that we call science .

    Real   Process   Aspect  
    Da Free John, Adi Da Samraj, Georg Feuerstein (1984). “The transmission of doubt: talks and essays on the transcendence of scientific materialism through radical understanding”, Dawn Horse Pr
  • Only everybody-all-a t-once can change the current chaos.

    Chaos   Currents  
  • Remembering the Mystery is a way of being everything you always already are.

    Children   Way   Remember  
  • Be Consciousness (Itself)- Contemplate Consciousness (Itself)- Transcend Everything in Consciousness (Itself).

  • Everything eaten is killed. Every meal is a sacrifice.

  • You cannot become Happy, You can only Be Happy.

    Adi Da Samraj (1991). “Feeling without limitation: awakening to the truth beyond fear, sorrow, and anger : a spiritual discourse”, Dawn Horse Pr
  • Most perfect self-understanding is the capability to directly (immediately) transcend dilemma, all problems, all seeking.

    Wisdom   Self   Perfect  
  • When happiness gets into your system, it is bound to break out on your face. While money can't buy happiness it certainly lets you choose your own form of misery. You always know, at this very moment, exactly what it would be to look, and feel, and be, and act completely Happy.

  • There is only the constant knowledge and enjoyment of the Heart, moment to moment, through the instant of all conditions of appearance and disappearance. Of this I am perfectly certain. I am That.

    Adi Da Samraj (2005). “Easy Death: Spiritual Wisdom on the Ultimate Transcending of Death and Everything Else”, p.3, North Atlantic Books
  • Relax. Nothing is under control.

  • There is only God. REALITY is God and has never required your belief. This reality no "one" survives. In Ultimate Reality no "one" is saved either - there is simply nothing to save you "from" : you have not emerged from any "other" and there is no place else for "you" to disappear into. Ever.

  • Patience often gets the credit that belongs to fatigue.

    Credit   Fatigue  
  • The nature of the world is inherently obvious, if you remain in a state of total psycho-physical oneness with whatever and all that presently arises.

    Oneness   World   Psycho  
    Adi Da Samraj (2004). “The Dawn Horse Testament of the Ruchira Avatar: The Testament of Divine Secrets of the Divine World-teacher, Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj”
  • We are defined and controlled by all that we have not transcended.

    Da Free John, Adi Da Samraj (1978). “The Enlightenment of the Whole Body: A Rational and New Prophetic Revelation of the Truth of Religion, Esoteric Spirituality, and the Divine Destiny of Man”
  • True religion is a universal and (necessarily) ego-transcending psycho-physical motivation of human beings. However, up to the present stage in human history, only relatively few individuals in any generation have been willing and able to make the gesture that is true religion (or, otherwise, true esotericism). In their great numbers, most people have, up to now, never yet been ready or willing to adapt to the true (and progressive) practical, moral, devotional, Spiritual, and Transcendental Wisdom-culture of right life.

  • Without true celebration discipline is obnoxious.

  • A bargain is something you don't need at a price you can't resist.

    Funny   Money   Humorous  
  • Truth is that which, when fully realized, sets you free from all bondage and all seeking.

    Adi Da Samraj (2004). “The Dawn Horse Testament of the Ruchira Avatar: The Testament of Divine Secrets of the Divine World-teacher, Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj”
  • Love does not fail for you when you are rejected, betrayed or apparently not Loved. Love fails for you when you reject, betray and do not love. Therefore .. Love.

    Love   Truth   Doe  
    Adi Da Samraj, Da Avabhasa (1993). “The Incarnation of Love: "radical" Spiritual Wisdom and Practical Instruction on Self-transcending Love and Service in All Relationships”
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