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  • ... we believe in the vocation of communion and participation of our people, who day to day awaken to their political conscience and express their desire for change and profound democratization of society. A change based on justice, built with love, and which will bring us the most anxiously desired fruits of peace.

  • We must apply our humble efforts to the construction of a more just and humane world. And I want to declare emphatically: Such a world is possible. To create this new society, we must present outstretched and friendly hands, without hatred and rancor, even as we show great determination and never waver in the defense of truth and justice. Because we know that we cannot sow seeds with clenched fists. To sow we must open our hands.

  • We cannot sow seeds with clenched fists. To sow we must open our hands.

    Hands   Fists   Openness  
    Adolfo Pérez Esquivel (1983). “Christ in a Poncho: Testimonials of the Nonviolent Struggles in Latin America”
  • Nonviolence is absolute respect for each human being.

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Adolfo Perez Esquivel

  • Born: November 26, 1931
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