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  • The story of the fifth century was one of the exploitation of imperial weakness. Thus the Western Empire died.

    Adrian Goldsworthy (2009). “The Fall Of The West: The Death Of The Roman Superpower”, p.178, Hachette UK
  • In his fifty-six years he was at times many things, including a fugitive, prisoner, rising politician, army leader, legal advocate, rebel, dictator – perhaps even a god – as well as a husband, father, lover and adulterer. Few fictional heroes have ever done as much as Caius Julius Caesar.

    Husband   Father   Hero  
    Adrian Goldsworthy (2013). “Caesar: The Life Of A Colossus”, p.14, Hachette UK
  • By pagans the Jews (and later Christians) were seen as perverse, almost indeed as atheists, for they denied the very existence of other gods.

  • At Rome there were nothing even vaguely resembling modern political parties - although given the stifling impact of these, this may well have made it more rather than less democratic than many countries today - and each candidate for office competed as an individual. Only rarely did they advocate specific policies, although commenting on issues of current importance was more common. In the main voters looked more for a capable individual who once elected could do whatever the State required.

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