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  • I am happy to have success in the entertainment biz, but the root of my happiness comes from my neighborhood, NYC.

  • I think winter wear is communal. You get some gloves and a scarf from a lost-and-found box, wash them, wear them for a while until you lose them. Then somebody else does the same thing

    FaceBook post by Adrian Grenier from Dec 04, 2011
  • I'm sort of always trying to reinvent and recreate a better way of being, because, you know, democracy has been "the worst of all political systems except for all the rest." So I think we have a lot of room to grow and be a better society, and it's a constant battle. It's an exciting opportunity to be active.

    "Adrian Grenier: Producer and Entourage Actor Talks About the Lonely Whale". Interview with Paul D. Miller,
  • Maybe the idea of being a rockstar or being the one who's recording or playing, sort of doesn't really matter as much anymore, when you're surrounded by great musicians who bring their spirit, their own talent.

    Interview with Maranda Pleasant,
  • Ethical systems and practices need to look good. They have to be desirable, well-designed and work well.

  • I really do believe that in order to overcome our environmental shortcomings, we have to act united as a people, and that means that every individual has to participate and do their part. Certainly, we need government and legislation, but the governments really listen to people, so we all have to bring to the table our own effort or our own passion in whatever way that manifests itself.

    "Adrian Grenier: Producer and Entourage Actor Talks About the Lonely Whale". Interview with Paul D. Miller,
  • I'm a self-taught musician, so I never really had the restrictions of any one instrument. I would always just sort of pick up instruments and make noise with 'em.

  • I think in the old music, everything was so competitive. It was all about - very selfish in a lot of ways.

    Interview with Maranda Pleasant,
  • That's what we do on 'Entourage.' We embed ourselves in legitimate authentic moments so wherever the action is happening, we're taking pieces from that red carpet.

  • I think it's important that we run that tension between the way things are, in terms of the way we're governed, and the way we sort of become complacent.

    "Adrian Grenier: Producer and Entourage Actor Talks About the Lonely Whale". Interview with Paul D. Miller,
  • The problem to me with environmentalism is the idea that we're all gonna die and we need to save ourselves. I don't think it's necessarily the right way to go about it, because I think we need to really just improve our every moment and improve our quality of life. And that will, sort of by default, save us.

  • I've always been a very rebellious, philosophical person, so my mother set the foundation for my appreciation for nature and my empathy for other people. But then, being a sort of rebellious, philosophical thinker, I'm always looking for new ways to shake things up. So I feel like I'm really lucky to be alive in a time where there's so much opportunity to disrupt and shake it up. It's sort of a combination between that and having the foundation that my mother gave me.

  • I don't like putting people on a pedestal, I think ideas are more exciting

  • In narrative films, you set up reality, so you can limit the variables. You don't have that luxury with docs.

  • Music is a language of emotion. I'm passionate about it because I think it's the most direct way to connect to the things that are ineffable. Words just aren't necessary a good enough opportunity to express. Words are maybe less than accessible at expressing.

    Interview with Maranda Pleasant,
  • We can not be naive and think we can go it alone.

  • My wish list is pretty short. I wish that we had empathy. As a society, we are so wrapped up in our own artificial creations that we have become disconnected from one another and the wonder of our natural world. I truly believe that empathy is the key to solving the majority of our environmental and social problems.

  • When you are dealing with real life, there is no way to control it.

  • I'm one with New York, and New York is one with me. I grew up there; there's no escaping it. We're like Siamese twins, if you separate us, I'll die.

    Biography/Personal Quotes,
  • We can't be naive and think we can go it alone; we must humble ourselves and commit to routine and collective actions. This is just one reason why I am thrilled to be working with the UN Environment as its Goodwill Ambassador.

  • It's enough to indulge and to be selfish but true happiness is really when you start giving back.

    Biography/Personal Quotes,
  • Let's show people how desirable it is to step it up and climb towards heaven.

  • Happiness doesn't come from commercial success but from the quality of work that you give back to your immediate community.

  • In the new music landscape, with is the democratization of the internet and music in general, I think it can be a lot more collaborative.

    Interview with Maranda Pleasant,
  • Because when you go out, and you have fun, basically you're performing for these tabloid outlets and the paparazzi. And when you perform and create this story, they're chuffed - they get excited, they capture it, and they put it out.

    Biography/Personal Quotes,
  • I've been given the opportunity to be alive in this day and age, and it's rare.

  • You can't expect people to do the right thing or else they will go to hell. We are already in hell!

  • I can play a lot of things, but I haven't mastered any one. I use music really as a form of raw expression; escape from the real world.

  • I think anybody who's famous has to deal with their fame in their own way, and I dealt with it by making a film about a kid who's looking out into the world of celebrity obsession.

    "From A 'Teenage Paparazzo,' A Lesson About Fame". Interview with Ari Shapiro, September 27, 2010.
  • The problem with modern consumption and mass-produced products is they're designed to just literally be shoved into our mouths and rushed.

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