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  • Self-inquiry is a spiritually induced form of wintertime. It's not about looking for a right answer so much as stripping away and letting you see what is not necessary, what you can do without, what you are without your leaves.

    Adyashanti (2009). “Emptiness Dancing: Easyread Large Bold Edition”, p.54,
  • What matters are not the truths other people tell us or the practices that we are able to mimic, but the spiritual discoveries we make through personal investigation.

    Adyashanti (2010). “True Meditation: Discover the Freedom of Pure Awareness”, p.2,
  • Spirituality does not require that you work hard toward achieving a result in the future as much as it requires you to be fully present, sincere and committed now, with absolute honesty and willingness to uncover and let go of any illusions that come between you and the realization of Reality.

  • Meditation is not a technique to master; it is the highest form of prayer, a naked act of love and effortless surrender into the silent abyss beyond all knowing

  • One Zen master said, The whole universe is my true personality. This is a very wonderful saying... If you want to see what you truly are, open the window, and everything you see is in fact the expression of your inner reality. Can you embrace all of it?

    Adyashanti (2011). “Falling into Grace: Insights on the End of Suffering”, p.220, Sounds True
  • The joke of it all is that you are looking from your true nature right now without knowing it. If you would stop being fascinated with the contents of your mind, you would experience what I am saying. Feel your way into what I am saying rather than thinking about it. Only a self-concept looks and longs for God. Drop your self-concept and there is only God meeting God. Enlightenment is the restoration of cosmic humor.

  • There's a fierceness about life that calls for a fierceness to not anxiously solve it but to allow it to transform you.

  • Right now you can allow yourself to experience a very simple sense of not knowing - not knowing what or who you are, not knowing what this moment is, not knowing anything. If you give yourself this gift of not knowing and you follow it, a vast spaciousness and mysterious openness dawns within you. Relaxing into not knowing is almost like surrendering into a big, comfortable chair; you just fall into a field of possibility.

    Adyashanti (2011). “Falling into Grace: Insights on the End of Suffering”, p.139, Sounds True
  • What you run away from owns you. You are the dog on a leash. The most you can do is to tug against the leash.

  • What if you let go of every bit of control and every urge that you have, right down to the most infinitesimal urge to control anything, anywhere, including anything that may be happening with you at this moment? If you were able to give up control absolutely, totally, and completely, then you would be a spiritually free being.

    Adyashanti (2006). “Emptiness Dancing”, p.105, Sounds True
  • The ultimate freedom from the nonexistent ego is to see that it is actually irrelevant.

    Adyashanti (2009). “Emptiness Dancing: Easyread Large Bold Edition”, p.107,
  • Many spiritual people are involved in a radical denial of what is happening. They want to transcend it, get rid of it, get out of it, get away from it. There's nothing wrong with that feeling, but the approach doesn't work because it's escapism in spiritual clothing. It's wearing spiritual clothing and spiritual concepts, but it is really no different than a drunk in the gutter who doesn't want to feel the pain anymore. When you abide and accept everything completely and fully, you automatically go beyond.

  • The world's problems are, by and large, human problems-the unavoidable consequence of egoic sleepwalking. If we care to look, all the signs are present to suggest that we are not only sleepwalking, but at times borderline insane as well.

  • Fear is very often a part of the spiritual path. When people sit down and meditate it's not at all uncommon for fear to arise at some point.

    Adyashanti (2012). “True Meditation: Discover the Freedom of Pure Awareness”, p.22, Sounds True
  • Since everything is already the Supreme Buddha Nature, where are you going to find it?

    "Welcome to Reality". Documentary Video, May 2006.
  • The willingness to not bypass illusion is very important. We come to nirvana by way of samsara. We come to see the true nature of things by seeing through the illusory nature of things. We don't come to nirvana by avoiding samsara. We don't come to clarity by avoiding confusion.

    Adyashanti (2010). “The End of Your World: Uncensored Straight Talk on the Nature of Enlightenment”, p.49, Sounds True
  • Completion comes when we not just wake up from all form, from all identification, but when love causes us to re-embrace it all.

  • Take one step backward into the unknown.

  • Thoughts in your head are really no different than the sound of a bird outside. It is just that you decide that they are more or less relevant.

  • If you tell yourself a sad story, the body reacts to that. And if you tell yourself a self-aggrandizing story, the body feels puffed up, confident. But when you realize it’s all stories, there can be a vast waking up out of the mind, out of the dream. You don’t awaken, what has eternally been awake realizes itself. That which is eternally awake is what you are.

    Adyashanti (2009). “Emptiness Dancing”, p.12,
  • When we see the world through our thoughts, we stop experiencing life as it really is and others as they really are. When I have a thought about you, that’s something I’ve created. I’ve turned you into an idea. In a certain sense, if I have an idea about you that I believe, I’ve degraded you. I’ve made you into something very small. This is the way of human beings, this is what we do to each other.

    Adyashanti (2011). “Falling into Grace: Insights on the End of Suffering”, p.8, Sounds True
  • At each moment we are expressing what we know ourselves to be. If we know ourselves very little we will express and manifest that unconsciousness of our true nature. If we know who and what we are very thoroughly, we will express and manifest that in what we do. It is all very simple.

  • The body is a sensing instrument of consciousness. Without the body and mind, the trees could not see themselves. Usually we think that we are looking at a tree, but the tree is looking at itself through us. Without this instrument, the tree does not get to see itself. We are sensing instruments of the Divine.

  • Grace is something that comes to us when we somehow find ourselves completely available, when we become openhearted and open-minded, and are willing to entertain the possibility that we may not know what we think we know.

    Adyashanti (2011). “Falling into Grace: Insights on the End of Suffering”, p.10, Sounds True
  • The proof of the depth and embodiment of your realization will be seen in your love relationship. That's where the proof is in the pudding. If it all collapses in your relationship, you have some work to do. And people do have a lot of difficulties in their relationships.

  • Enlightenment is, in the end, nothing more than the natural state of being.

    Adyashanti (2012). “True Meditation: Discover the Freedom of Pure Awareness”, p.11, Sounds True
  • There is a very Simple Secret to being happy. Just let go of your 'demand' on this moment. Any time you have a demand on the moment to give you something or remove something, there is suffering. You're Arguing with 'What Is' - Your demands keep you chained to the 'dream-state' of the conditioned mind. The desire to 'control'... is, ultimately, our unwillingness to just be awake.

  • When you rest in quietness and your image of yourself fades, and your image of the world fades, and your ideas of others fade, what's left? A brightness, a radiant emptiness that is simply what you are.

  • The truth is that you already are what you are seeking.

    Adyashanti (2009). “Emptiness Dancing: Easyread Super Large 20pt Edition”, p.2,
  • True Meditation is the space in which everything gets revealed, everything gets seen, everything gets experienced. And as such, it lets go of itself. We don't even let go. It lets go of itself.

    Adyashanti (2012). “True Meditation: Discover the Freedom of Pure Awareness”, p.21, Sounds True
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