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  • Maybe one day there will finally be an education for electronic music.

  • I have been fully involved in designing my stage shows; it's important to me to do something really unique and almost off-the-wall to bring the music and the visuals together. I love design and actually went to school for a bit for graphic design, so it isn't so much 'pressure' for me; it's a way to be creative, and I really enjoy it.

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  • People need realness, reality. People can sense when someone is being pretentious or fake. It's because you feel it; you see it in someone's body language.

    Reality   People   Fake  
  • I was in school - I was a good learner; if I wanted to get something done, I could get it done. I was lazy, though. I was always, like, sort of an outcast. And when I got home, I was always doing music, but when I was doing music, no one was there to judge it, you know? It was just me in my bedroom. It gave me freedom and made me happy.

    Home   School   Judging  
  • Every song, every form of art, clothing, shoes, it has to be special.

    Song   Art   Shoes  
    "5 minutes with Afrojack". Interview with Aarthi Baliga, November 27, 2015.
  • I actually did a remix for Katy Perry, and her management didn't respond.

  • People always say, 'How is it to be so successful?' I'm not successful yet. Richard Branson is successful. That's successful. Michael Jackson was successful. U2 was successful. I'm just a guy, doing okay. But I'm a happy guy doing okay.

    Successful   People   Guy  
  • I think the most important thing about dance music is the connection. If you put 80,000 people together, no one knows each other, and once the music starts, everyone loves each other. That doesn't happen with a lot of genres. If you go to a hip-hop club, it's not like when one songs comes on that everyone suddenly loves each other.

    Song   Thinking   People  
  • Cars for me are like a piece of art.

    Art   Car   Pieces  
  • The only thing you can do to lead a crowd is prove your passion to them.

    Passion   Crowds   Prove  
  • When I was a baby, my mom used to have a dance school, and she used to teach classes there. We didn't have money for a babysitter, so she always brought me with her to the dancing school. Back then, I was already watching and listening to Michael Jackson for a long time.

    Mom   Baby   School  
  • One of the reasons why my album is called 'Forget the World' is because when you listen to the world, you make stupid mistakes.

    Mistake   Stupid   Albums  
  • When you're walking down the street or in the car just listening to the radio, and you're, like , 'Oh, that's my song.' You want to say, 'Hey Mom!' That never changes.

    Mom   Song   Car  
    "Dutch DJ Afrojack: 'I Want to Change the Party Scene' (Q&A)" by Shirley Halperin, January 29, 2014.
  • I studied psychology for a couple of years as a personal hobby, so you start learning about people and listening to your intuition, like when you you're feeling that people are not being entirely straight with you.

    Couple   Years   People  
    "Dutch DJ Afrojack: 'I Want to Change the Party Scene' (Q&A)" by Shirley Halperin, January 29, 2014.
  • My debut album, 'Forget the World,' is all about not listening to the negativity around you and to continue to do what you love, no matter what people think. I love what I do. Dance music is my passion, my life. There is no greater feeling than being one with my fans, partying to the music we love.

  • Holland is to dance music what Nashville is to country.

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