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  • The oil companies are really making a very lucrative amount of profit from the high price of oil. I don't that they're very keen to reduce the price of oil. The consumers are those who are the victims so I think that the producers, the governments, some of them, they're enjoying the high revenue that they get.

    Source: www.sbs.com.au
  • The first law of economics is that when the price goes up, consumption comes down. This is a divine law.

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  • I will do my best to reduce the price of oil to expand the life span of oil at least for two decades or three decades.

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    Source: www.sbs.com.au
  • The Stone Age didn't end because we ran out of stones, and the age of oil won’t end because we run out of oil.

    Age   Investing   Stones  
    "The Case for Fossil Fuel Divestment" by Bevis Longstreth, www.huffingtonpost.com. July 11, 2014.
  • I think the main problem we have is the pricing of oil as it is now. I think it's wrong. It does not reflect the fundamentals of supply/demand.

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    Source: www.sbs.com.au
  • The Stone Age did not end for lack of stone, and the Oil Age will end long before the world runs out of oil.

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    Interview with George Negus, www.sbs.com.au.
  • A small group of people, they raise the price of oil and the whole world will suffer from this.

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    Source: www.sbs.com.au
  • Every day we hear about a new invention here and there and they are reducing considerably their consumption of oil. But the day they use hydrogen for transportation, this is the day that oil disappears.

    Source: www.sbs.com.au
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