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  • It struck me then how much the past - not just the past but history and family - was like the ocean tide. It was always the same ocean, but the waves made it fresh and new each time.

    Ocean   Past   Tides  
  • By not asking too much, you can believe in almost starry night in the mountains, or even the existence of fate.

    Believe   Fate   Night  
  • Come find me," Leo put in, his gaze full of understanding. "Whenever you want. I'll be here.

    Aimee Friedman (2012). “Ocean of Secrets”, p.97, Scholastic UK
  • I couldn't think. The basics of my life seemed altered and thrown into question. After all, our families--our ancestors--are our identities. Biology is destiny. I'm not who you think I am, I had said to T.J. the last time I'd seen him. Maybe I wasn't who I'd thought I was either.

  • My skin prickled and I looked back at the ocean. None of us ask for the things we inherit; they are thrust upon us, willy-nilly. Like The Marine, I suddenly understood. Mom and I weren't trespassing. This house was ours. This view was ours. And that seemed as absurd and unreal as the stories Sailor Hat had spun for me on the ferry.

    Mom   Ocean   Marine  
  • When people went on vacation, they shed their home skins, thought they could be a new person.

    Summer   Home   Vacation  
    Aimee Friedman (2009). “Sea Change”, p.107, Scholastic Inc.
  • I watched the land for as long as I could, until it disappeared behind its shawl of mist, and until I had it fixed in my mind - unchanged, mysterious and beautiful

    Beautiful   Land   Long  
    Aimee Friedman (2009). “Sea Change”, p.198, Scholastic Inc.
  • Summer-induced stupidity. That was the diagnosis.

    Aimee Friedman (2012). “Ocean of Secrets”, p.148, Scholastic UK
  • ...Promises are more dangerous then secrets.

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