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  • I would love to work in international movies just because the talent all around the world is great. There's a lot of good talent and the audience base is bigger.

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  • It's basically how I choose movie roles. Would I like to see this movie? Is this movie important? Why would I do this? And Headhunters is a movie that I would like to see in the cinema. And when it's sold to 50 countries or whatever, for me it's a great deal. I make movies for an audience so if that audience grows, I feel really honoured and thankful for it.

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  • We always get rejections, whether it's in love or anything in life. And then negativity tends to creep in. But hopefully we are honest towards the people around us so that we can conquer it.

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  • Everyone of us wakes up in the morning, goes to the bathroom, looks in the mirror and asks: "Who am I? Who am I today? Do I feel good enough? Do I feel big enough? Do I feel sexy enough?" Some days, the answer is 'yes' but sometimes it's not.

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  • Headhunters is a popcorn flick - you can laugh and shout and do whatever you want having great fun. But at the bottom of it all there's this theme of being honest to the people you love. I want to be that. And if Headhunters is one of the movies that help me realise that, then that's perfect.

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