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  • A little doubt is better than total credulity.

    "Leaving Islam: Apostates Speak Out". Book by Ibn Warraq, May 1, 2003.
  • They all err - Muslims, Christians, Jews and Magians. There are two kinds of humans - the intelligent, who have no religion, and the religious, who have no intellect.

  • They recite their sacred books, although the fact informs me that these are a fiction from first to last. O Reason, thou (alone) speakest the truth. Then perish the fools who forged the (religious) traditions or interpreted them!

    "Studies in Islamic Poetry (The Meditations of Al-Ma'arri)". Book by Reynold Alleyne Nicholson, 1921.
  • The inhabitants of the earth are of two sorts: Those with brains, but no religion, And those with religion, but no brains.

    Atheist   Two   Brain  
    "The Crusades Through Arab Eyes". Essay by Amin Maalouf, 1984.
  • Give a drink of water as alms to the birds which go forth at morning, and deem that they have a better right than men [to thy charity]. For their race brings not harm upon thee in any wise, when thou fearest it from thine own race.

    Wise   Morning   Equality  
  • Hanifs (Muslims) are stumbling, Christians all astray Jews wildered, Magians far on error’s way. We mortals are composed of two great schools Enlightened knaves or else religious fools.

  • O fools, awake! The rites ye sacred hold Are but a cheat contrived by men of old Who lusted after wealth and gained their lust And died in baseness-and their law is dust.

    Men   Dust   Law  
  • The world holds two classes of men; intelligent men without religion, and religious men without intelligence.

    "A Short History of Freethought, Ancient and Modern, Volume I". Book by John Mackinnon Robertson, 1906.
  • Reason forbade me many things which, Instinctively, my nature was attracted to; And a perpetual loss I feel if, knowing, I believe a falsehood or deny the truth.

    Believe   Loss   Knowing  
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