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  • I hear better with a pen in my hand.

    Hands   Pens  
    Alan Judd (1995). “Devil's Own Work”, Vintage Books
  • Brings [O'Brian's] achievement to a new height....Such is O'Brian's power to possess the imagination that I found I was living in his world as much as my own, wanting to know what happens next. That is the real test. Any contemporary novelist should recognize in Patrick O'Brian a Master of the Art.

    Art   Real   Imagination  
  • Too much philosophy makes men mad.

    Philosophy   Men   Mad  
    Alan Judd (2014). “The Noonday Devil”, p.24, Simon and Schuster
  • Sublime Philosophy! Thou art the patriarch's ladder, reaching heaven; And bright with beckoning angels—but alas! We see thee, like the patriarch, but in dreams, By the first step, dull slumbering on the earth.

    Dream   Art   Philosophy  
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