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  • We're on the computers, phones and tablets all day long, sometimes you just need to escape from the screens.

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  • I would draw my own comic book characters listening to metal. The drawing and music kind of went hand in hand.

  • Coloring allows folks to express themselves in a creative way. It's healthy.

  • Everyone needs some time to unwind. There are even coloring book clubs popping up in every state now, so it's not such an isolating experience. People are getting together specifically to color. It's amazing.

  • I got into comics about the same time as music. By 12 years old, I had discovered my dad's killer comic book collection filled with Silver Age books from his youth...early Spider-Man, Thor, Fantastic Four, The Hulk, Detective Comics, Action Comics, you name it. Seeing those old books got me interested in new comics, so my friends and I would hit the local comic shop every Saturday to pick up the cool titles of my generation.

  • Coloring is very relaxing for one thing. And I think adults like to unplug from technology for awhile and do something tangible with their hands.

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