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  • I just want to see around beautiful things. I don't realise how much I miss out on just seeing beautiful scenery.

  • I know hands down I would lose for sure, but I would love to just dance with Beyoncé. Really, that's what my dream is. She is such a good dancer and I know I would lose, like hands down I know I would lose, but I just want to be in her presence and see her dance up close. She is so good, I am literally obsessed with her and I think she's amazing.

  • I love LA, but we don't really have beautiful natural things to look at. I just want to be in nature and go back to my roots and just see beautiful things, that's really all I want.

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  • I want to be in New Zealand SO BADLY. I've dreamt about coming to New Zealand ever since I was a kid.

  • I've only seen pictures of New Zealand but everything I see is so pretty. Your eyes just... I don't think my eyes could take the beauty!

  • I've always been obsessed with tigers, I love white tigers I think they're very glamourous in a weird way.

  • I love Rihanna, Rihanna seems like a fun person to be friends with, she seems like a fun time to be [around].

  • I would love to be friends with Kendrick Lamar because I am just a huge fan of his music, I think he is so cool and he uses so many interesting sounds and has such good melodies and is just a beautiful rapper, his raps are just so well-written and his tracks are so insane, I am obsessed with him.

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