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  • I like playing accents, and doing things like that, it was fun. It was fun.

    Fun   Accents  
  • You're exactly as big as I let you be.

  • I'm doing another Churchill. I did a Churchill for HBO and that was up to 1939 and there's talk of the war years. They were going to do it this fall, but the script wasn't going to be ready.

    War   Fall   Hbo  
  • I mean, I did a film, a musical of 'Scrooge', in '70, and the tricks were done by flat clothes and mirrors. I hope that the day will come when we don't have to turn up at all.

    Mean   Mirrors   Clothes  
  • To be a character who feels a deep emotion, one must go into the memory's vault and mix in a sad memory from one's own life.

    "Simpson's Contemporary Quotations". Book by James B. Simpson, 1988.
  • I don't think that we necessarily lie. I mean, we make our living by pretending that we're someone else. I don't tell tall tales. I always tell the truth.

    Lying   Mean   Thinking  
    Interview with Paul Fischer, "Dark Horizons", December 2, 2003.
  • We're given the springboard of the text, a plane ticket, told to report to Alabama, and there's a group of people all ready to make a film and it's a marvelous life.

    People   Groups   Alabama  
    Interview with Paul Fischer, Dark Horizons, December 2, 2003.
  • Well, I've always thought that my career was in England, really. I used to do more in the theatre, and I felt that I should be there. It's not far is it? It's amazing the way that special FX have taken a quantum leap in what they're capable of doing.

    Taken   Careers   Special  
  • I don't enter, I'm entered. It's up to someone else. It's up to them.

  • It's true that old actors don't die, their parts get smaller. You're less likely to get the part, many parts, if you're playing people your age as opposed to people who are younger. There are fewer parts around.

    People   Age   Actors  
    Interview with Paul Fischer, Dark Horizons, December 2, 2003.
  • My girlfriend and I rented a nice house on the river and I was there for about two and a half months, and we were just out of Alabama. I hardly got to see Alabama.

    Girlfriend   Nice   Two  
    Interview with Caffeinated Clint, December 3, 2003.
  • That is one of the reasons one enjoys acting. Now and again, you get scenes where you work with somebody really good and you have a good time trying to make it really work and really work well.

  • Youll come to see that a man learns nothing from winning. The act of losing, however, can elicit great wisdom. Not least of which is how much more enjoyable it is to win. Its inevitable to lose now and again. The trick is not to make a habit of it.

    Winning   Men   Losing  
  • There might've been wires, but I have this ability to make myself light. Well you know what, in ballet, when you kind of lift yourself here, it's all up in the head.

    Light   Ballet   Wire  
  • I was in London. It's a long way to go for a very long party, sitting there for six hours not having a cigarette or a drink. It's a waste of time.

    Party   Long   Sitting  
  • There’s a time when a man needs to fight, and a time when he needs to accept that his destiny is lost, that the ship has sailed, and that only a fool would continue. The truth is, I’ve always been a fool.

    Fighting   Destiny   Men  
  • My dad was great. He was very droll, very dry.

    Dad   Dry   My Dad  
    Interview with Paul Fischer, "Dark Horizons", December 2, 2003.
  • Maybe don't make it so.

  • I'm not bothered by the paparazzi and I don't feel hemmed in, I've never felt that. My youth, mind you, there wasn't quite the same attention to celebrities as there is now, but I've never felt that.

    Mind   Attention   Youth  
  • When I read the script, I liked the script very much and I thought it was a marvelous part for her, because I think it is a change of pace. I mean, we know how wonderful she is in romantic comedy.

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