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  • Capital punishment in my view achieved nothing except revenge.

    Albert Pierrepoint (1974). “Executioner, Pierrepoint”
  • All the men and women whom I have faced at that final moment, convince me that in what I have done, I have not prevented a single murder.

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    Albert Pierrepoint (1974). “Executioner, Pierrepoint”
  • It is said to be a deterrent. I cannot agree....I do not now believe that any one of the hundreds of executions I carried out has in any way acted as a deterrent against future murder. Capital punishment, in my view, achieved nothing except revenge.

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  • I have come to the conclusion that executions solve nothing, and are only an antiquated relic of a primitive desire for revenge which takes the easy way and hands over the responsibility for revenge to other people...The trouble with the death penalty has always been that nobody wanted it for everybody, but everybody differed about who should get off.

    "Biography/ Personal Quotes".
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