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  • The truest experience of life is when we dream awake.

    Dream   Life Is   Awake  
    FaceBook post by Alberto Villoldo from Mar 29, 2016
  • To become completely healed is to become the healer - bringing the beauty and meaning you found into the world.

    World   Found   Healed  
  • Fate is a story that's been written for you by somebody else. By your parent's genes, by what happened to you when you were a child, by your culture, by the fact that you were born a man or a woman. Destiny is a story that you write.

    Children   Writing   Fate  
  • We often forget that growth requires sacrifice.

    Villoldo Ph.D., Alberto (2010). “Illumination”, p.85, Hay House, Inc
  • The shaman is a self-realized person. She discovers the ways of Spirit through her inner awakening.

    Self   Awakening   Way  
  • Only when all conceptions of space and time, life and death, are exploded, when the grip of the past and fear of the future become merely conditions of one's past, only then can one live in the present fully.

    FaceBook post by Alberto Villoldo from Apr 15, 2015
  • We are like a drop of water in a vast, divine ocean, distinct yet immersed in something much larger than ourselves. It’s only when we experience our connection to infinity that we’re able to dream powerfully.

    Dream   Ocean   Water  
    Alberto Villoldo (2010). “Courageous Dreaming: How Shamans Dream the World Into Being”, p.7,
  • The shaman does not believe in a division between the body and the spirit or between the visible world of form and the invisible world of energy

    Believe   Energy   Doe  
    Alberto Villoldo (2010). “Shaman, Healer, Sage”, p.71, Random House
  • December 21, 2012 represents a unique opportunity for renaissance, renewal and reinvention that people have waited for for centuries.

  • To be a hero means being the author of your own myth.

    Hero   Mean   Myth  
    Alberto Villoldo (2010). “The Four Insights: Wisdom, Power, and Grace of the Earthkeepers (Easyread Large Edition)”, p.59,
  • When the waters of a lake are absolutely still, the lake reflects the trees, the sky, and everything around it perfectly. At the slightest breeze, with the smallest ripple in the waters, the lake reflects nothing but itself. To see another with clarity and objectivity, one first must master stillness. The slightest breeze of judgment or interpretation from the rational mind will create a ripple that shatters Awareness and returns us to ordinary perception.

    Lakes   Objectivity   Sky  
  • True initiation is a response to an inner calling; it requires that you face personal challenges heroically and experience a genuine rebirth into a new way of being.

    FaceBook post by Alberto Villoldo from Jan 31, 2017
  • There are those who follow maps, and those who make them.

    FaceBook post by Alberto Villoldo from Dec 17, 2014
  • The soul, in its longing to grow, will push us toward crisis points, bringing about a situation that will force us to leave behind the old toys and the worn-out ways of operating. Our soul brings us these crises to remind us that we don’t have to remain stuck in the land of the hunters and the hunted. We are called to draw ourselves up to our full height and confidence, even when terrified at the prospect of the unknown.

    Land   Soul   Hunters  
  • The task is not to search for meaning, but to bring meaning to every situation you are in.

    FaceBook post by Alberto Villoldo from Nov 05, 2013
  • When we’re unaware that we share the power to co-create reality with the universe itself, that power slips away from us, causing our dream to become a nightmare. We begin to feel we’re the victims of an unknown and frightening creation that we’re unable to influence, and events seem to control and trap us. The only way to end this dreadful reality is to awaken to the fact that it too is a dream—and then recognize our ability to write a better story, one that the universe will work with us to manifest.

    Dream   Writing   Reality  
    Alberto Villoldo (2010). “Courageous Dreaming: How Shamans Dream the World Into Being”, p.4,
  • Everything you experience mirrors a part of you.

    FaceBook post by Alberto Villoldo from May 21, 2014
  • The shaman no longer looks for meaning in life, but brings meaning to every situation. The shaman stops looking for truth and instead brings truth to every encounter. You don t look for the right partner, you become the right partner. And then the right partner finds you. It s a very active practice focused on healing.

  • The nature of the cosmos is such that whatever vision you have about yourself and the world will become reality. As soon as you awaken to the power you have, you begin to flex the muscles of your courage.

    Reality   Vision   Cosmos  
  • If the way of the sage is true, that we are all dreaming our world into being, then it has to apply not only to our private, personal universe but to the world at large.

    Dream   Our World   Sage  
    FaceBook post by Alberto Villoldo from Oct 04, 2013
  • With imagination, we can hold a universe inside our minds.

  • The True Self is infinite. It knows no boundaries. Pure essence. Pure light. Engulfing the mind, the soul, the body, the invisible real, with its radiance.

    Real   Light   Self  
    FaceBook post by Alberto Villoldo from Jan 17, 2017
  • Life will drag us kicking and screaming to our destiny if we try to escape it.

    FaceBook post by Alberto Villoldo from Feb 29, 2016
  • At the core of One Spirit Medicine is the idea that how we perceive the world 'out there' is a projection of internal maps that shape our beliefs and guide how we think, feel and behave. These maps are the unconscious programs that drive our experience of life and the state of our health. The key to optimum health is to upgrade these unconscious maps and limiting beliefs that have been driving us to a toxic lifestyle and relationships.

  • We now know that whatever you vibrate, you create and attract to yourself. So, you work on healing yourself in order to create peace around you. You become peace. If there is conflict living within you, you cannot live in a world of peace. The world mirrors back to you perfectly the condition of your love and of your intent. And if the world you re living in is not a world that is at peace and at joy and at grace, then you have to find peace, joy, and grace within you.

    Healing   Mirrors   Order  
  • When we dream with the courage of our soul, we dream sacred dreams - fresh, creative, and able to infuse us with passion and courage to act.

    FaceBook post by Alberto Villoldo from Oct 29, 2015
  • The Munay-Ki is your invitation to dream an entire new world into being.

  • Psychosis is a very Western phenomena.

  • The dawning of the light of awareness is the new birth, where the sun rises and the day breaks within you.

    Light   Sun   Birth  
    FaceBook post by Alberto Villoldo from Aug 25, 2015
  • Healing is not necessarily about curing. As your inner light grows - anything is possible.

    Healing   Light   Grows  
    FaceBook post by Alberto Villoldo from Nov 20, 2014
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