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  • I don’t know about birds nor do I know the history of fire. But I believe that my solitude should have wings

  • You've built your homeyou've fledged your birdsyou've beaten the windwith your bonesyou've finished alonewhat no one began

    Bird   Beaten   Built  
  • An unchangeable colour rules over the melancholic: his dwelling is a space the colour of mourning. Nothing happens in it. No one intrudes. It is a bare stage where the inert I is assisted by the I suffering from that inertia. The latter wishes to free the former, but all efforts fail, as Theseus would have failed had he been not only himself but also the Minotaur; to kill him then, he would have had to kill himself

  • Because no one has more thirst for earth, for blood, and for ferocious sexuality than the creatures who inhabit cold mirrors

    Mirrors   Blood   Lust  
  • But, who is Death? A figure that harrows and wastes wherever and however it pleases. This is also a possible description of the Countess Bathory. Never did anyone wish so hard not to grow old; I mean, to die. That is why, perhaps, she acted and played the role of Death. Because, how can Death possibly die?

    Mean   Wish   Roles  
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