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  • Normality is to be different. Every person is a different person. And one day you need to be aware of your difference. Aware that you are not the same as the others. That is to be normal.

  • The apocalypse is now! Americans know this, that the only hope is the flying saucers. Do you know how I see the world? Like a person who is dying. It's a worm who is dying to make a butterfly. We must not stop the worm from dying, we must help the worm to die to help the butterfly to be born. We need to dance with death. This world is dying, but very well. We will make a big, big enormous butterfly. You and I will be the first movements in the wings of the butterfly because we are speaking like this.

  • If you are great, 'El Topo' is a great picture. If you are limited, 'El Topo' is limited.

    "Biography/Personal Quotes".
  • If art is not a medicine for the society, it is a poison.

    Art   Medicine   Poison  
  • I am like the rain, I go where I'm needed.

    Rain   Needed  
    "Alejandro Jodorowsky: 'I am not mad. I am trying to heal my soul'". Interview with Xan Brooks, May 23, 2013.
  • I was very scared when I saw it, because Dune was for me very important in my life. I was very sad I could not do it. When I saw that David Lynch would do it, I was very scared, because I admire him as a movie-maker, and I thought he would do well. But when I see the picture, I realize he never understood this picture. It's not a David Lynch picture. It's the producer who made that picture, no? Who made this horror. For David Lynch, it was a job. A commercial job. It never was that for me.

  • If the picture is not an artistic picture, it's show, like television. Television series are very funny, but it's a collective production. An industrial art. A car is not made by a person, it's made by a group of creators, only to go to the market to buy your cigarettes. That is a car - they are not a big art, they are a little art.

    Art   Car   Groups  
    "Alejandro Jodorowsky’s prophetic vision". Interview with Colleen Kelsey, March 21, 2014.
  • I am an artist, you understand? For me, a picture is like poetry. When you make art, this is not coming from an intellectual place. It's coming from the deep side of your unconscious, your soul.

    Art   Soul   Intellectual  
    Interview with Noel Murray, January 26, 2011.
  • What I am trying to do when I use symbols is to awaken in your unconscious some reaction. I am very conscious of what I am using because symbols can be very dangerous. When we use normal language we can defend ourselves because our society is a linguistic society, a semantic society. But when you start to speak, not with words, but only with images, the people cannot defend themselves.

    People   Trying   Use  
  • I ask of cinema what most North Americans ask of psychedelic drugs.

  • Five cats and a woman. That is all I need in life.

    Cat   Needs   Five  
    "I'm the last crazy artist" by Xan Brooks, April 5, 2007.
  • I grew up in the north of Chile, and this is why there are a lot of religious symbols in my pictures, because the Catholic Church in Latin America is very strong. If I was born in Japan, I would speak about Buddhism, but I was born in South America.

  • The imagination wants to construct the new worlds, no? Creativity is a solution. If I ask you, "What is your goal in life? How many years do you have to live before to die? How many years do you have? And what you will do with these years you have?" You have pressure there. "How you will realize a good life? How? Tell me!" Then, you start to open your mind.

    "Alejandro Jodorowsky’s Prophetic Vision". Interview with Colleen Kelsey, March 21, 2014.
  • I write books, I write for comic books, I give lectures... I live. And when the opportunity comes to do a picture, I do a picture.

    Interview with Noel Murray, January 26, 2011.
  • The only thing a master can teach is how to learn about yourself. There are no secrets. They are only techniques to waken yourself.

  • I shoot in Mexico, but I can shoot in India, anywhere. I have no nationality myself. My nationality is the planet.

  • Maybe if literature was prohibited the same way as cocaine, people out of pure curiosity would try to get a couple of lines

  • Words don't heal. Art heals!

    Art   Heal  
  • When the bull's-eye becomes as big in your mind as an elephant, you are sure to hit it.

    Success   Eye   Elephants  
  • I have an ambition to live 300 years. I will not live 300 years. Maybe I will live one year more. But I have the ambition. Why you will not have ambition? Why? Have the greatest ambition possible. You want to be immortal? Fight to be immortal. Do it. You want to make the most fantastic art or movie? Try. If you fail, is not important. We need to try.

    Art   Ambition   Fighting  
  • What is an artistic picture? An artistic picture is very simple. The creator is not the producer. The creator is not the star. The creator is the director, the person who realizes the picture, like a poet, like an artist. The creator of the picture is free to do whatever he wants, how he wants to do it. That is an artistic picture.

    Stars   Artist   Simple  
    "Alejandro Jodorowsky’s Prophetic Vision". Interview with Colleen Kelsey, March 21, 2014.
  • I never know if my picture is a good picture or a bad picture, because I'm not making pictures thinking of the public, I'm making pictures to realize myself.

  • You are engaging in madness. I feel obliged to accompany you.

    Alejandro Jodorowsky (2008). “The Spiritual Journey of Alejandro Jodorowsky: The Creator of El Topo”, p.183, Inner Traditions / Bear & Co
  • Awakening is not a thing. It is not a goal, not a concept. It is not something to be attained. It is a metamorphosis. If the caterpillar thinks about the butterfly it is to become, saying ‘And then I shall have wings and antennae,’ there will never be a butterfly. The caterpillar must accept its own disappearance in its transformation. When the marvelous butterfly takes wing, nothing of the caterpillar remains.

  • Movies have an enormous power to open the mind and the heart and everything. You are sitting and seeing something moving in front of you, and then your mind goes into a trance. You are completely there. It's a real great art; it's not only a business. It's to open the mind, to understand this mystery within reality. This is why we need it.

    Art   Real   Moving  
    "Alejandro Jodorowsky’s Prophetic Vision". Interview with Colleen Kelsey, March 21, 2014.
  • Failure doesn't mean anything, it just means changing paths.

    Mean   Path  
  • When I was a young person I went to the university and I learned a rational language, to think with the left side of the brain. But in the right side of the brain you have intuition and imagination. Words are not the truth; they indicate the way to go, but you need to go alone, in silence. Symbols have a language that kills the words.

  • You are excrement. You can change yourself into gold.

    "La montaña sagrada". November 29, 1973.
  • I don't regret any past. I am not there. I am not sorry not to make pictures, because I know one day I will do it. I intend to live 150 years.

    Sorry   Regret   Past  
    "I am not normal" by Steve Rose, November 21, 2002.
  • Most directors make films with their eyes; I make films with my testicles.

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