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  • Evidence of defendants' lavish lifestyles is often used to provide a motive for fraud. Jurors sometimes wonder why an executive making tens of millions of dollars would cheat to make even more. Evidence of habitual gluttony helps provide the answer.

    "Ideas & Trends: Overcompensating; In Fraud Cases, Guilt Can Be Skin Deep" by Alex Berenson, February 29, 2004.
  • Even so, sometimes I wish I did have a little bit more flair in my language.

    Wish   Littles   Language  
    "Fact and Fiction in The Shadow Patrol". Interview with June Thomas, April 10, 2012.
  • The most distinguishing element of my novels is that I try as hard as I can - within the context of a popular commercial thriller - to make them feel authentic. Drawing on real locations and real events is part of that authenticity.

    Real   Drawing   Trying  
    "Fact and Fiction in The Shadow Patrol". Interview with June Thomas, April 10, 2012.
  • Never underestimate the power of Abby Joseph Cohen.

  • In general, great companies prefer to grow organically, as Wall Street likes to say. That is, from the inside out, by finding new markets or by taking market share from their competitors.

    Wall   Likes   Share  
  • If only the human body could handle trauma as well as biotechnology stocks do.

    Body   Trauma   Wells  
  • Sergeant Bergdahl may have broken any number of military laws.

    Military   Law   Numbers  
  • For chat-room tyros who expect to make their first million day-trading by age 27, paging through the Sunday newspaper with a pair of scissors just to save a couple of cents on Cheetos seems so, well, old economy.

    Couple   Sunday   Age  
  • Volatility may be rising simply because investors must digest more information every day.

  • The notion that employees and companies have a social contract with each other that goes beyond a paycheck has largely vanished in United States business.

  • Also, most people read fiction as an escape - and I wonder whether my books aren't a bit too grounded in reality to reach the widest possible audience.

    Book   Reality   People  
    "Fact and Fiction in The Shadow Patrol". Interview with June Thomas, April 10, 2012.
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