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  • And everybody’s running around talking about ‘Zionists’ all day. Okay, just keep parroting that over and over again.

  • Twitter's designed to reduce the language, directly out of 1984! It's Ingsoc!

  • The answer is for all of us to create our own systems, our own ideas, because vibrant independent ideas will trump this corporate, plastic Borg, this brainwashing they're trying to push. I mean, banning 'father' and 'mother,' banning the word 'husband' and 'wife,' I mean that's so cultic that if I'd of been told ten years ago they were gonna ban words like that, I wouldn't have believed it. They do it with straight faces. I mean, has the left, and of course the controlled-right as well, have they gone collectively insane on a control-freak bent? Or, is there a strategy?

    Mother   Husband   Father  
  • People don't get angry about the half a million dead Iraqis from the sanctions.

  • And I got a lot of friends in Hollywood.

  • The average person is either a weakling, or just a happy person who wants to get along, or thinks being tough is having big muscles and strutting around town and having a good-looking girlfriend.

  • The globalists, the Democrats, the collectivists, hate anybody who's conservative, anybody that believes in the individual. And, the fact is, those people promote individualism, nationalism, and that's why they've got to be eradicated. What a horrible world if the system is successful.

  • Every time we look, they're killing Jews.

    Looks   Killing   Jew  
  • Criminality is now legal. I guess criminal racketeering these days would be like burning little children at the stake or something. That's about what it takes to get anyone to care.

  • If we start creating our own maps, our own world, our own vision, then there's no way for the cultural tyrants to program us. And, that's why they're pushing so hard to get more outrageous.

  • The economy is a ponzi scheme. People are working harder than they ever have for less wages, but we have so many bobbles because manufacturing has come up so quickly over the past hundred years that people have the illusion of wealth.

    Past   Years   People  
  • The Jew haters and white supremacists…all they do is fight with each other all day too.

    Fighting   White   Jew  
  • And I certainly don’t like the white supremacists and those whose religion is hating the Jews, period.

    Hate   White   Periods  
  • What a bunch of garbage, liberal, Democratic, conservative, Republican, it's all there to control you, two sides of the same coin! Two management teams, bidding for control of the CEO job of Slavery Incorporated!

    Jobs   Team   Two Sides  
    "Fictional character: Alex Jones". "Waking Life", 2001.
  • Parents should never have to bury their own children.

    "Megyn Kelly confronts Alex Jones over Sandy Hook, warns he 'isn't going away'" by Samuel Chamberlain, June 18, 2017.
  • We know what totalitarian looks like, we know what oppression looks like, we know what the dumb culture of totalitarianism smells like. This is it! It's happening now, and the future of the world is being decided. So, get out there, make your own sites, take action!

    Smell   Dumb   Culture  
  • Some people say they're gathering DNA. Perhaps they're gathering it for the future when the human race is stronger or weaker, who knows. That's science fiction and mere speculation.

    Race   Dna   People  
  • I usually go to bed pretty late but sleep a full cycle (8 hours).

    Sleep   Bed   Hours  
  • The majority of world stock markets are now owned by the Arabs.

    Majority   World  
  • We have, without any fanfare or much conversation, moved into a era in which news organizations are expected to explain themselves. Twenty years ago, it would not be expected that the New York Times would explain itself. The concept of what accountability.

  • The Hubbell space telescope, it's first year up after they fixed it, categorized and counted 500 billion galaxies in any one photograph field of view of dark matter. That's like grains of sand at the beach and you've just got a handful. It's massive amounts. I'm sure that of all of the galaxies, and I'm sure the universe is teeming with life.

    Beach   Dark   Views  
  • I'm not really a fan of, like, rock stars, movie stars, people like that. I like politics.

    Stars   Rocks   People  
  • If humanity has any hope of effecting real change for the better, it will not come from the Madison Avenue false reality makers who've cast Barack Obama as the savior of the world. To alter our course from tyranny to liberty, to defeat the corrupt elite, we must get past the puppets and confront the real power structure of the planet.

  • Why? Why are they always wanting to kill Jews?

  • I do a real analysis of who actually owns things - it’s the British…the Dutch…then it’s the Arabs…then it’s the French…then it’s the Jews…and then, on down the line.

    Real   Analysis   Lines  
  • I mean there are a bunch of people who I’ve heard worship Adolf Hitler who don’t like me because I don’t think Jews have 14 inch fangs and drink blood and sneak around in bushes.

    Mean   Thinking   Blood  
  • When John Kennedy attempted to take the government back from the back from the robber barons, he was brutally murdered. The message to future US president and leaders across the world was clear: do as you're told, or die. John Fitzgerald Kennedy was the last true president of the United States. And until the globalists are removed from power, we will never have another real one.

    Change   Real   Power  
  • It’s…it’s easy to have some little bitty website and use a fake name and sit there and…you know…talk bad about Jews all day and enjoy yourselves…uh, you know…getting your kicks ’cause you live in, you know…a…a one room apartment and your mad at life or whatever and wanna blame us…you know.

    Names   Mad   Fake  
  • Hollywood is owned by the Arabs.

  • In a dictatorship there is no choice, the elections are controlled, the police are the military, fear equals control, speech is suppressed, the economy is looted, the people are slaves.

    FaceBook post by Alex Jones from Jan 09, 2017
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