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  • Of course, there's a certain type of person who feels that anything which becomes mainstream has to be rejected immediately. And that's part of the indie-alternative snobbery and hierarchy and elitism.

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  • It's easy to be lazy when there's food lying around backstage or there's a fast-food joint a couple blocks away. But if you walk a little further, ask around a bit, of course there are exciting things to discover.

    Couple   Block   Lying  
    "Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand". Interview With Andy Battaglia, February 14, 2007.
  • It's fine to indulge yourself so long as you don't try and foist it on the rest of the world.

    Long   Trying   World  
  • No matter what you do, if you're trying to create something new, your environment has a massive impact on you.

    Impact   Trying   Matter  
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  • There's a character that I play onstage, and I can't let him loose in the supermarket when I'm buying my beans on toast.

    Character   Play   Buying  
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  • You can always have it better. If you try... [This is the right attitude:] Never to feel [completely] satisfied, always to want to do something better!

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  • I want to make music that will make the blood surge in your veins, music that will get people up and dance.

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  • The Beatles were huge for me, ... I used to jump around the room to the red album, the one with all the early hits on it. It made you feel euphoric. It was a sensation I couldn't get from anything else, whether it was playing football, swimming or even seeing 'Star Wars.'

    Football   Stars   War  
  • Music should be universal. My life perspective, my lifestyle - I'm not going to impose that on the people that listen to my music. That's kind of a perverse form of snobbery I like to reject.

  • It doesn't matter how adventurous you want to be, you've still got to contain your identity.

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  • Why play a chord when you can play one note?

    Play   Notes   Chords  
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  • Maybe 'Can't Stop Feeling' and 'Turn It On' we'll just release as singles. It's a thing The Beatles used to do which I really loved, the idea of releasing something as a single completely on its own.

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  • Boho to me is a first-year student who's just discovered the tie-dye shop.

    Years   Ties   Boho  
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  • It's very rare that a song falls from your mind complete.

    Song   Fall   Mind  
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  • Ambition is sneered at by some bands. It seems like a pretty good thing to me.

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  • Being in a band didn't buy me my beans on toast!

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  • Arty. To me the word's got as much venom associated with it as 'wacky'.

    Venom   Wacky  
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  • Cinema, which is influenced by every single part of life, is direct and reaches you immediately. And writing - the best writing is complex ideas communicated concisely. And music - if it's a good tune, make sure people can bloody hear it!

    Writing   Ideas   People  
    "Arch dukes Ferdinand". Interview with Craig McLean, April 2, 2004.
  • I think in the world of indie music there's this sort of false modesty.

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  • I didn't grasp the basic principle of being a promoter, which was: Put on music but also generate an income. I was on the dole most of the time.

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  • Boredom or being sick of what you've done before is a big part of being in a band.

    Blessing   Sick   Boredom  
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  • The internet is like a gossipy girls' locker room after school, isn't it?

    Girl   School   Rooms  
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  • There are loads of bands I'd love to produce.

    Band   Produce   Load  
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  • If success had come along when I was 17 it would either have killed me or sent me completely mad.

    Mad   Ifs  
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  • I want to change and try new ideas - allowing your sonic identity to evolve in your music and not being afraid of that. You see musicians hit upon something that works, and then go, "Let's keep doing that for 10 years." And that idea kind of terrifies me a little bit. It becomes like a day job then.

  • People's musical tastes are fickle, and music can be a fashion.

    "Bringing Sexy Back". Interview with Scott Frampton, January 6, 2008.
  • There's a difference between expectations and aspirations.

    Interview With Scott Frampton, October 31, 2005.
  • Surely every band wants to be a pivotal point in history.

    Band   Want   Pivotal  
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  • Glasgow's not a media center. When you're there, when you're hanging about, you feel quite detached from musical movements or fashions or anything like that. You do feel quite alone, in a good way.

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  • The best songwriting comes from being as creative as you can and editing it down to the good bits, essentially.

    "Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand". Interview with Andy Battaglia, February 14, 2007.
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