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  • I want to play the mean girl one day - or the mean gay!

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  • I have so many [on-set Glee BFFs]. I love Kevin (McHale). I love Amber (Riley); Amber and I are essentially the same person, even though one’s fiercer than the other—don’t tell her it’s me. I love Chris Colfer, he’s a gem. Melissa (Benoist) and Blake (Jenner), I love them. We’re such a tight-knight family because we spend so much time together.

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  • Playing Unique hasn’t changed how I feel about myself, but it has changed how I hold myself. Unique is so confident that I found myself [saying], ‘You need to be the role model that your character intends you to be.’

  • Of course I took something from the [Glee set]. I took my entire shoe collection, that's all I would ever need.

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  • I always wanted to be on Glee. As soon as the pilot aired, I said I needed to be on the show.

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    "Glee’s Alex Newell is Unique". Interview with Princess Gabbara, November 13, 2013.
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