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  • You need contradictions to make an ideal.

  • That's the problem with relationships, It's a contract. You agree to be some unchanging caricature of yourself. To act the same way all the time. Never to change. It's counter-evolutionary. How can anything new and good come into your life, if you're holding on to something that doesn't exist anymore?

    Alex Shakar (2011). “Luminarium”, p.202, Soho Press
  • Cats are there to be indulged. That's their function: to receive the love we never fully gave our parents. Not like dogs. Dogs are there to give us the love and devotion our children will never fully give us.

    Dog   Children   Cat  
  • Childhood and adulthood were not factors of age but states of mind.

    Childhood   Mind   Age  
  • With the Internet, we can choose the very communities we want to be a part of.

    Alex Shakar (2009). “The Savage Girl”, p.24, Harper Collins
  • Nothing lasts forever. But—especially as it seems to me cities and humans are symbiotically and inextricably bound at this point—I hope cities have a good, long run. Plus, cities are beautiful creatures in their own right; and as with us, their vulnerability and ephemerality are part of that beauty.

    "Cities Are Beautiful Creatures; 10 Questions For Alex Shakar". Interview with Lindsey Drager, October 1, 2011.
  • From the beauty they deserve will come the love they deserve. And from the love will follow truth.

    Alex Shakar (2009). “The Savage Girl”, p.26, Harper Collins
  • She avoids deep thought like an empty restaurant, not out of stupidity, but a canny resolve to be happy.

    Alex Shakar (2011). “Luminarium”, p.165, Soho Press
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