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  • Gorbachevism, carried out by mediocre but ambitious party bureaucrats, is an attempt not only to outdo the people but also the objective laws of human society.

    Party   Law   People  
    "Gorbachevism" by Alexander Zinoviev, 4th article, 1988.
  • Perestroika is nothing but a spectacle organized from above.

    "Gorbachevism". Book by Alexander Zinoviev, 32nd article, 1988.
  • I consider him Stalin one of the greatest persons in the history of mankind. In the history of Russia he was, in my opinion, even greater than Lenin. Until Stalin's death I was anti-Stalinist, but I always regarded him as a brilliant personality.

    Interview with Gennadiy Petrov, November 05, 2006.
  • The scientific approach uncovers, that Communism does not eliminate the inequality between men, the social injustice, exploitation of man by man and other evils of society - communism merely changes their form and gives birth to new evils, which become eternal fellow-travelers of communism.

    Men   Evil   Giving  
    "Gorbachevism". Book by Gorbachevism, 5th article, 1988.
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Alexander Zinoviev

  • Born: October 29, 1922
  • Died: May 10, 2006
  • Occupation: Writer