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  • Modeling's actually been treating me a lot better at age 24 than when I was 21. Young girls get their hopes up and have fifteen minutes of fame; it's really sad, because there are very few models who last anymore.

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  • I'm kind of a tech person, a nerd. I've always been the person who, when we got our Christmas presents, knew how to work them and set them up; the racecars, whatever. Sit me down in front of a computer program, I'll be fine.

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  • That's the best part of being a DJ. Everyone's looking at you and really, I'm a shy person; I like to stand in the back of a room, not talking to many people. But having a chance to play music, the stuff that I want to hear, and getting people going, it's just a different kind of vibe. It's like a different side of me.

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  • I like listening to the whole song. Like my father says, "If you can't pick the whole song, then why are you playing it?"

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  • When you're working a three-hour gig, how do you know when to climax? You just watch the crowd and ride the wave. If they're not feeling a song, you move on.

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