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  • It doesn't matter if a character is a lawyer, a cop or a geography teacher. If there's a story in there, where the character has a passion and a fire in his belly and story to tell, then it's enough for an actor to get excited about.

  • I prefer to stay in shape through doing activities I enjoy, such as climbing, hiking and exploring.

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  • With period dramas, it's very easy to get excited because I love to do them. I'm a history nut and I love to immerse myself in the research.

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  • Women are always murdered and maimed, and they’re never given their rightful place as lead characters! And I think [creator Michael Hirst] has just written what should have been written a long time ago. There shouldn’t be anything that different about Vikings, but there is, because there’ve just been so many shows that have not stepped up to the plate and given female actors and female characters equal footing.

  • The cast of 'Vikings' is a real team, a true ensemble. It's a mad, eclectic, great bunch! But we support each other and trust each other completely. There are no egos.

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