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  • I'm so sick of Betty White. Never liked her.

    White   Sick   So Sick  
  • As soon as I realized that I didn't need meat to survive or to be in good health, I began to see how forlorn it all is. If only we had a different mentality about the drama of the cowboy and the range and all the rest of it. It's a very romantic notion, an entrenched part of American culture, but I've seen, for example, pigs waiting to be slaughtered, and their hysteria and panic was something I shall never forget.

    Drama   Cowboy   Pigs  
  • I've been so relieved and so grateful to not have a god to believe in.

    "Cloris Leachman: What I've Learned" by Cal Fussman, January 1, 2009.
  • For the love of God, will someone please punch me in the face so I can see some stars?

    Stars   Faces   God Love  
  • I think husbands and wives should live in separate houses. If there's enough money, the children should live in a third.

  • Now men and women are separate and unequal. We should be hand in hand; in fact, we should have our arms around one another.

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  • Im having an amazing life and it isnt over yet.

  • Why can't we build orphanages next to homes for the elderly? If someone were sitting in a rocker, it wouldn't be long before a kid will be in his lap.

    Home   Kids   Elderly  
  • Everything is so sad and so wonderful.

    "Cloris Leachman: What I've Learned" by Cal Fussman, January 1, 2009.
  • Let whatever's going to happen, happen. Don't judge it before you do it. Sure, sometimes it will be terrible, but sometimes it will just be amazing. That's where the gold is.

  • When something is truly funny, it's funny all the time.

    "Live From..." with Kyra Phillips, June 3, 2004.
  • I make fun whenever I go. If I go to restaurant by myself, rest assured, people will be talking about it.

    Fun   Women   Talking  
  • I have a terrible image in my mind of a cow going to slaughter. There's not a lot of fight in them. Pigs, they'd squeal and thrash around. They'd fight. It's almost as if cows don't know they have a choice. Not that they don't panic, but they do so in a quiet way.

    Fighting   Pigs   Choices  
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