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  • I feel like people are not cut and dry, in real life. Some people do cheat, but it doesn't mean that they don't love. Sometimes in movies, it's one or the other.

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  • As a kid I was always writing and directing plays in my basement with my neighborhood cronies. But please don't get me wrong, I have zero regrets when it comes to the acting stuff. I think it's made me a better director.

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  • My mom blames California for me being a lesbian. Everything was fine until you moved out there. That's right, Mom, we have mandatory lesbianism in West Hollywood. The Gay Patrol busted me, and I was given seven business days to add a significant amount of flannel to my wardrobe.

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  • The fun thing with the newer characters in the movie was that anything goes. The life they brought to it just exceeded my expectations. It was just above and beyond.

  • I definitely prefer directing, hands down. I'm a lazy writer and it wasn't until I got into directing that I now have a real impetus when I'm sitting at my computer. Now that I know what it's like to get to bring characters and their stories to fruition, I'm addicted. I'm a junkie. I want more.

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