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  • I grew up mostly in Schenectady, N.Y. From an early age, building and creating things was a real passion for me.

    "iRobot: From R2-D2 to practical robots". August 14, 2014.
  • At the World Cup, there is a constant risk that you might find a bag or some object that has been left behind, and no one is quite sure what it is. To bring in a full bomb-disposal team for each item can be very time-consuming. The PackBot can go over rough terrain, climb stairs, pick things up, and also be operated from a safe distance.

    Distance   Team   Risk  
    "My Roomba's Name Is Roswell". Interview with Celeste Biever, March 23, 2014.
  • When I was building robots in the early 1990s, the problems of voice recognition, image understanding, VOIP, even touchscreen technologies - these were robotics problems.

    "iRobot Cracked Open A Huge Market By Ignoring Everything People Thought About Robots". Interview with Dylan Love, June 4, 2014.
  • The utility of the robot needs to come first. It's business model over technology.

  • I think, people are generally willing to imagine robots of all shapes, as humanoid robots are not practical.

  • In the original 'Star Wars' movie, there is a small toaster-sized and shaped robot on the Death Star that guides Stormtroopers to where they need to go. I always liked that robot because I could imagine how to build it - and it served a real purpose.

    Stars   Real   War  
  • In the end, robots do things that people can do. So there is a cost above which you can hire somebody to do it, and that bounds the opportunity.

    "iRobot CEO: Enough with the gimmick 'bots (Q & A)". Interview with Martin Lamonica, November 4, 2011.
  • My very clear vision for the ideal Roomba is one you never see and you never touch. Our research priorities are explicitly focused on the Roomba of the future that will deliver on the promise of automatically cleaning your floor.

  • "Star Wars" was the right movie for me. I watched the MSE-6 droid leading the stormtroopers where they needed to go when they were under attack, and that got my attention much more so than C-3PO and R2-D2 because we could actually build that.

    Stars   War   Attention  
  • One of the big things coming out of healthcare reform is a thing called the Community Living Assistance Services and Supports Act (CLASS) which is a mechanism to reimburse people staying at home for technology and services that allow them to stay at home.

    Home   Technology   Class  
  • The ideal vacuum cleaner would be one you never see. It needs to not just be a cool gadget, but a product that cleans your floor correctly. I can imagine people having a cupboard full of robots that only come out when you need them to fulfil a specific purpose.

    People   Vacuums   Robots  
  • There are so many opportunities to make a bad decision in building a robot company on top of all the normal ways that entrepreneurs screw up that it is incredibly difficult to truly create value because it is so cost-sensitive.

    "iRobot CEO: Enough with the gimmick 'bots (Q & A)". Interview with Martin Lamonica, November 4, 2011.
  • I was focused on building things from an early age. When I was about 3, our toilet broke, and my mother was ready to call the plumber. I told her I would fix it and asked her to get my Richard Scarry book 'How Things Work in Busytown.' Between the picture of a toilet and the text she read to me explaining how the parts worked, I fixed it.

    Mother   Book   Age  
  • Its going to be interesting to see how society deals with artificial intelligence, but it will definitely be cool.

  • Around the late 1990s, I'd become convinced that one of the killer applications of robotics came from connecting robots to the Internet. The idea of solving generalized artificial intelligence was still far away, but heck, I could rent brains by hiring operators. iRobot was the name of the company and one of our most ambitious projects, iRobot LE.

    Names   Ideas   Brain  
    "iRobot Cracked Open A Huge Market By Ignoring Everything People Thought About Robots". Interview with Dylan Love, June 4, 2014.
  • I believe one day nano-robots will play an important role in medicine.

    Believe   Play   Medicine  
  • Building robot versions of people is very expensive.

  • The way that the robotics market is going to grow, at least in the home, is that we'll have a number of different special purpose robots.

    Home   Numbers   Special  
  • The reason it has taken so long for the robotics industry to move forward is because people keep trying to make something that is cool but difficult to achieve rather than trying to find solutions to actual human problems. Technology can be extremely expensive if you don't focus.

  • Hollywood likes to imagine robots as mechanical copies of ourselves - which is a terrible idea.

  • The answer is navigation, manipulation, and implementation of more sophisticated intelligence. The idea that a robot will become more aware of its environment, that telling it to "go to the kitchen" means something - navigation and understanding of the environment is a robot problem. Those are the technological frontiers of the robotics industry.

  • In the beginning of Roomba, we all took turns answering the support line. Once, a woman called and explained that her robot had a defective motor. I said, 'Send it back. We'll send you a new one.' She said, 'No - I'm not sending you Rosie.'

    Support   Robots   Lines  
    "My Roomba's Name Is Roswell". Interview with Celeste Biever, March 23, 2014.
  • We learned that very few people care how you accomplish something. Instead, these people care more about whether you create value for your end user.

    People   Care   Ends  
  • That's exciting because to create new value in the robot space quickly, you need to stand on the shoulders of other technological developments.

  • When we built Roomba, we explicitly designed it to not have a face. We didn't want to think it was cute, we wanted people to take it seriously so we gave it more of an industrial look. People personified their Roomba anyway. Over 80 percent of people name their robot. We did nothing to encourage people to do that but they do it anyway.

    Cute   Thinking   Names  
    "The Wired Interview: Irobot Ceo Colin Angle". Interview with Mic Wright, October 23, 2010.
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