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  • My looks aren't something that come dazzlingly through in everything I do. I can be made to look one way or the other fairly easily... I am still not recognised on the street that much.

  • Just driving I just was in a car on flat ground and I couldn't make it go. Having ticked driving and taken three driving lessons, I just was unable to produce any motion whatsoever under perfectly normal circumstances. I think we've all been busted on driving, and riding.

    "Gambit - Colin Firth interview". Press conference,
  • I don't know if this qualifies as gentle reassurance, but right now this is all that stands between me and a Harley-Davidson.

    "Risque, hilarious and daring quotes from the Golden Globes". January 17, 2011.
  • Comedy - particularly the frothy and frivolous - is notoriously neglected by festivals and awards. But it's bloody hard to get right.

    "Exclusive: Oscar Nominee Colin Firth On A Single Man". Interview with Rosamund Witcher, February 15, 2010.
  • It used to be that I was always paranoid or a loser or something so there's usually something that you seem to associate yourself with at one time or another.

  • I've actually heard people protesting furiously about straight male costume people as well. It's not universal and there are examples that break the mould all over the place. In my experience, it's more prevalent in the UK than in America.

  • I love you even when you're sick and look disgusting.

  • I'm fully aware that if I were to change professions tomorrow, become an astronaut and be the first man to land on Mars, the headlines in the newspapers would read: `Mr. Darcy Lands on Mars.

  • I find that at almost every press junket I get that comment, "this character's different from what you generally play..." And that's OK! But I think "generally play" stems back to Mr Darcy. I'm fine with it but I tend to find that if it's a departure, which in other people's words it always is, it's always a departure from that.

    "Then She Found Me - Colin Firth interview". Interview with Rob Carnevale,
  • The failure so far of the governments of so many of the worlds most powerful countries in the face of such egregious unfairness ... to make the slightest progress on the issue of fair trade is hard to explain.

  • Doing a job, or even watching a film, can make a difference to your life, but I don't think it ever has an explosive impact where your life will never be the same again. It kind of seeps into your life, and perhaps realise you're a little more vigilant about certain things than you might have been.

    "And When Did You Last See Your Father? - Colin Firth interview". Interview with Rob Carnevale,
  • When I look in the mirror, I don't see my Dad, I see my grandmother. For a while it was my mother looking back at me. If only it was my Dad.

    "And When Did You Last See Your Father? - Colin Firth interview". Interview with Rob Carnevale,
  • I like playing strange characters. Some people might say it has something to do with a hidden part of myself, but I think it's a lot simpler than that: normal people are just not very interesting.

    Biography/Personal Quotes,
  • However good a communicator a director is, unless they've been actors, it's just not the same as the shorthand you get with someone who's been an actor.

    "St Trinian's - Colin Firth interview". Interview with Jack Foley,
  • I absolutely don't care about my looks and I'm so used to them that I wouldn't change a thing. I would end up missing my defects.

  • It does help to actually realize that however stunning the person who is, you know, fluttering eyelashes at you, she doesn't do anything to match up to your wife.

  • I never saw myself as Mr. Ugly, but I'm not that handsome. I can sort of be made to look quite a lot better or quite a lot worse.

  • I always thought the biggest failing of Americans was their lack of irony. They are very serious there! Naturally, there are exceptions... the Jewish, Italian, and Irish humor of the East Coast.

    "Biography/ Personal Quotes".
  • I think it helps to get a film made because people who put money in are nervous. They like to have something recognisable enough to make them secure that there's a pattern there - that someone else put their money into something like this and made it back.

    "Then She Found Me - Colin Firth interview". Interview with Rob Carnevale,
  • And that is a hard route for a woman to come through. There's still a lot of roles that have to be conformed to. It's quite an old fashioned environment in a lot of ways.

    "Then She Found Me - Colin Firth interview". Interview with Rob Carnevale,
  • I don't think it's aiming at gags, I think the humour is woven into it. It's part of how the characters operate and how they deal with disaster because they're worldly enough to have a bit of irony and wryness about their own circumstances. So, I think the humour comes out of that.

    "Then She Found Me - Colin Firth interview". Interview with Rob Carnevale,
  • I haven't had to struggle very much. I haven't paid my dues. I think I have been lucky.

  • So, if you haven't picked up some tips during an apprenticeship like that, you shouldn't be directing. It doesn't mean you can do it, but it loads you up with information.

    "Then She Found Me - Colin Firth interview". Interview with Rob Carnevale,
  • When I visited coffee farms in Ethiopia, the farmers could not believe we spend a week's wages in their country on a cup of coffee in ours, because they see so little of the profits. Oxfam's fair trade campaign helps right this wrong.

  • I'll be your friend so long as you're not crap

  • In filming you're waiting. You're waiting for lights. You're waiting for people set things up. And when you're not waiting, you're repeating. And neither is conducive to spontaneity, you know. Comedy makes you very, very neurotic because you think, I - but did I nail it?

  • On his fight scene with Hugh Grant in Bridget Jones: It was a delicious experience.

  • I think that London is very much like that. I find there's humour in the air and people are interesting. And I think that it's a place which is constantly surprising. The worst thing about it? I think it can be smug and aggressive.

  • I'm not patient, and some things drive me crazy. In my work, I get incredibly upset when people don't get it right or don't respect others' needs.

  • If you're playing someone who's impeded by fear, or shyness, or has whatever dysfunction your character might have, you have to achieve the dysfunction first, imaginatively, in order to play someone who is trying to negotiate their way out of it.

    "Colin Firth and Tom Hooper interview: The King's Speech, Rocky IV and more". Interview with Michael Leader, Jan 6, 2011.
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