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  • It was with the advent of the Laudie London era that I realized the whole teenage epic was tottering to doom.

    Teenage   Epic   London  
    Colin MacInnes (1969). “The London novels: City of spades. Absolute beginners. Mr. Love and Justice”
  • Tradition, if not constantly recreated, can be as much a millstone as a mill-wheel.

    1961 England, Half English,'England, Half English'.
  • In England, pop art and fine art stand resolutely back to back.

    Art   England   Pops  
    1961 England, Half English,'Pop Songs and Teenagers'.
  • England is, after all, the land where children are beaten, wives and babies bashed, football hooligans crunch, and Miss Whip and Miss Lash ply their trade as nowhere else in the western world.

    Football   Baby   Sweet  
    "Out of the way: later essays".
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