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  • It is not therefore the business of philosophy, in our present situation in the universe, to attempt to take in at once, in one view, the whole scheme of nature; but to extend, with great care and circumspection, our knowledge, by just steps, from sensible things, as far as our observations or reasonings from them will carry us, in our enquiries concerning either the greater motions and operations of nature, or her more subtile and hidden works. In this way Sir Isaac Newton proceeded in his discoveries.

    Colin Maclaurin (1750). “An Account of Sir Isaac Newton's Philosophical Discoveries. 2. Ed”, p.20
  • [writing to Stirling in 1740] ... an unlucky accident happened to some of the French mathematicians in Peru. It seems that they were shewing French gallantry to the natives' wives, who have murdered their servants destroyed their instruments and burnt their papers, the Gentlemen escaping narrowly themselves. What an ugly article this will make in a journal.

  • ALGEBRA is a general Method of Computation by certain Signs and Symbols which have been contrived for this Purpose, and found convenient.

    Colin MacLaurin (1756). “A Treatise of Algebra, in Three Parts: Containing I. The Fundamental Rules and Operations; II. The Composition and Resolution of Equations of All Degrees, and the Different Affections of Their Roots; III. The Application of Algebra and Geometry to Each Other. To which is Added an Appendix Concerning the General Properties of Geometrical Lines”, p.1
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Colin Maclaurin

  • Born: February 1, 1698
  • Died: June 14, 1746
  • Occupation: Mathematician