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  • I think Americans such as Leviathan have done a lot to expand the sonic palette of black metal.

    Thinking   Black   Done  
  • I've never had a band with more than 3 people (meaning only two string players), so I love having the ability for 3-part polyphony.

    Player   Two   People  
  • I always just been a fan of the music... and the aesthetic only in an abstract sense.

  • None of the bands I'm in demand constant touring, so I'm able to do a bunch of things.

    Band   Demand   Able  
  • The term "black metal" has become a lot looser, or can include a larger range of sounds and extra-musical aesthetics, not just Satan and power chords.

    Black   Musical   Sound  
  • I seem to enjoy making my life miserable by taking on too many projects and always wishing I could put more time into all of them.

  • As for complicating the black metal aesthetic, I don't care about that since it was never a goal of mine to lay out any particular preconceived aesthetic, let alone one of traditional black metal where pseudonyms are adopted.

    Goal   Black   Pseudonyms  
  • I think every band I'm a part of fulfills something the others don't, so I'm pretty convinced I need all of them.

    Thinking   Needs   Band  
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