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  • I escaped the torture of my childhood home by reading. To this day it is still one of my greatest pleasures.

    Art   Women   Reading  
  • Best of all she liked his eyes, such a translucent golden brown, and so laughing.

    Eye   Laughing   Golden  
    Colleen McCullough (2015). “The Ladies of Missalonghi”, p.42, Head of Zeus
  • My books and other works are my legacy, and it's a great comfort to know that mine is a legacy of pleasure for other people.

    Art   Book   People  
  • ... the most insoluble problems are those which by their very nature can have no space within them for dreams.

    Dream   Space   Problem  
    Colleen McCullough (2013). “Tim”, p.119, Head of Zeus
  • There's a story... a legend, about a bird that sings just once in its life. From the moment it leaves its nest, it searches for a thorn tree... and never rests until it's found one. And then it sings... more sweetly than any other creature on the face of the earth. And singing, it impales itself on the longest, sharpest thorn. But, as it dies, it rises above its own agony, to outsing the lark and the nightingale. The thorn bird pays its life for just one song, but the whole world stills to listen, and God in his heaven smiles.

    Smile   God   Song  
    "Fictional character: Ralph de Bricassart". "There are no ambitions noble", 1983.
  • My husband says it is very good that I have very tiny feet, because they're easier to get in my mouth.

    Husband   Feet   Mouths  
  • I have an editor in my head, that's why I can't read Harry Potter, because Rowling is such a lousy writer.

    Editors   Potters   I Can  
  • When we press the thorn to our chest we know, we understand, and still we do it.

    Stills   Knows   Chests  
  • Oh, that feels good! I don't know who invented ties and then insisted a man was only properly dressed when he wore one, but if I ever meet him, I'll strangle him with his own invention

    Men   Ties   Feel Good  
    Colleen McCullough (2013). “The Thorn Birds”, p.276, Head of Zeus
  • Truly God was good, to make man so blind.

    Men   Blind  
  • Old age is an ordeal, of flesh and mind. Of winding down, of slowing down, of dying cells. It's accepting the loss of physical attractiveness and replacing it with the power and wisdom that can only come with old age.

    Wisdom   Loss   Cells  
  • I want to know what they look like, their height, and colouring, physique and speech pattens.

    Looks   Speech   Want  
  • Love and hate are cruel, only liking is kind

    Colleen McCullough (2014). “Masters of Rome Collection Books I - V: First Man in Rome, The Grass Crown, Fortune's Favourites, Caesar's Women, Caesar”, p.3919, Head of Zeus
  • I think explicit love scenes are a turn off unless it's the kind you read with one hand.

    Thinking   Hands   Kind  
  • How frightening, that one person could mean so much, so many things.

    Colleen McCullough (1977). “The Thorn Birds”
  • The Labour Party of today has fits of horrors of the very thought of somebody like me might saying that they bought in white Australia. But I believe they did.

    Party   Believe   White  
  • Belief doesn't rest on proof or rests on faith...without faith there is nothing.

  • I am writing a sequel to The Touch because I want to further explore the Chinese question that I have raised. There will be more about that in a sequel.

    Writing   Chinese   Want  
  • I hate being on my best behavior. It brings out the absolute worst in me.

    Hate   Behavior   Worst  
    "The Thorn Birds". Book by Colleen McCullough, 1977.
  • duty, the most indecent of all obsessions, was only another name for love.

    Names   Obsession   Duty  
    Colleen McCullough (1999). “Three Complete Novels”, Wings
  • Twelve thousand miles of it, to the other side of the world. And whether they came home again or not, they would belong neither here, nor there, for they would have lived on two continents and sampled two different ways of life.

    Home   Two   Twelve  
    Colleen McCullough (2013). “The Thorn Birds”, p.507, Head of Zeus
  • ...she looked like the sort of woman most men would want to get to know because they weren't sure what went on inside.

    Men   Want   Knows  
    Colleen McCullough (1999). “Three Complete Novels”, Wings
  • And gradually his memory slipped a little, as memories do, even those with so much love attached to them; as if there is an unconscious healing process within the mind which mends up in spite of our desperate determination never to forget.

    Colleen McCullough (2013). “The Thorn Birds”, p.126, Head of Zeus
  • Each of us has something within us which won't be denied, even if it makes us scream aloud to die. We are what we are, that's all. Like the old Celtic legend of the bird with the thorn in its breast, singing its heart out and dying. Because it has to, its self-knowledge can't affect or change the outcome, can it? Everyone singing his own little song, convinced it's the most wonderful song the world has ever heard. Don't you see? We create our own thorns, and never stop to count the cost. All we can do is suffer the pain, and tell ourselves it was well worth it.

    Song   Pain   Heart  
    Colleen McCullough (1977). “The Thorn Birds”
  • What was sleep? A blessing, a respite from life, an echo of death, a demanding nuisance?

    Sleep   Blessing   Echoes  
    Colleen McCullough (2013). “The Thorn Birds”, p.365, Head of Zeus
  • In The Touch, the love scenes are the same as they were in The Thorn Birds or anything else Ive ever written. I find a way of saying that either it was heaven or hell but in a way that still leaves room for the reader to use their own imagination.

  • My fictitious characters will take the bit between their teeth and gallop off and do something that I hadn't counted on. However, I always insist on dragging them back to the straight and narrow

    Character   Teeth   Bits  
  • There was some justice in his pain

    Pain   Justice  
    Colleen McCullough (2013). “The Thorn Birds”, p.365, Head of Zeus
  • There are no ambitions noble enough to justify breaking someone's heart.

    Love   Heart   Ambition  
  • Yet there's something ominous about turning sixty-five. Suddenly old age is not a phenomenon which will occur; it has occurred.

    Colleen McCullough (2013). “The Thorn Birds”, p.72, Head of Zeus
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