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  • Men respect the silent; they despise the garrulous. - Marius

    Men   Silent   Despise  
  • We are the silver people, the Mongols. When they ask, tell them there are no tribes. Tell them I am khan of the sea of grass, and they will know me by that name, as Genghis. Yes, tell them that. Tell them that I am Genghis and I will ride.

    Names   Sea   People  
  • Courage cannot be left like bones in a bag. It must be brought out and shown the light again and again, growing stronger each time. If you think it will keep for the times you need it, you are wrong. It is like any other part of your strength. If you ignore it, the bag will be empty when you need it most.

    Conn Iggulden (2013). “Conqueror: The Complete 5-Book Collection”, p.78, HarperCollins UK
  • The eagles ruled the air as the tribes ruled the land.

    Air   Eagles   Land  
    Conn Iggulden (2013). “Conqueror: The Complete 5-Book Collection”, p.39, HarperCollins UK
  • He is afraid of you, so he hates you. It would be wrong to hurt him again. It would be like beating a dog after it has loosed it's bladder. The spirit is already broken in him.

    Dog   Hurt   Hate  
    Conn Iggulden (2013). “Conqueror: The Complete 5-Book Collection”, p.149, HarperCollins UK
  • It's all you can say, when the end comes: 'I did not waste my time.' I think that matters. I think it may be all that matters.

    Thinking   May   Matter  
  • In this age of video games and cell phones, there must still be a place for knots, tree houses, and stories of incredible courage.

    Cells   Games   Phones  
    "The Dangerous Book for Boys". Book by Conn Iggulden and Hal Iggulden, June 2006.
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