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  • Many of our racetracks were built in the '60s - not much real estate for runoff.

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  • I used to own some hobby aircraft, but I got rid of them. I didn't have the time.

    Hobbies   Used   Aircraft  
  • I've been happy with my life. Also very lucky. I lead two lives - businessman and racer - and it feels like the best of both worlds.

    Two   World   Lucky  
  • I'm easy with employees. I make sure they get credit for their work. Naturally, sometimes a guy will screw up, and I'll have to apply some "retraining."

    Guy   Screw Ups   Credit  
  • New tracks like Las Vegas, hell, you could drive off the end of that track and continue safely 20 miles into the desert. But there's not a day goes by I don't think of Scott [Kalitta]. It's still traumatic.

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  • I never thought of retiring. I'm a racer.

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