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  • China tea, the scent of hyacinths, wood fires and bowls of violets – that is my mental picture of an agreeable February afternoon.

    Fire   Tea   Afternoon  
    Constance Spry (1953). “A Constance Spry Anthology”
  • Open your mind to every form of beauty

    Mind   Form  
    Constance Spry (1940). “Constance Spry's Garden Notebook”
  • Do whatever you please, follow your own star; be original if you want to be and don’t if you don’t want to be. Just be natural and gay and light-hearted and pretty and simple and overflowing and general and baroque and bare and austere and stylised and wild and daring and conservative, and learn and learn and learn. Open your mind to every form of beauty.

    Stars   Gay   Simple  
  • During the war one accepted indifferent after-dinner coffee as a necessity, but when, after the war, one sought to find the coffee remembered of days gone by, one found disappointment. I was looking for the rich after-dinner coffee that literally curdled cream if anyone was foolish enough to spoil it with cream.

  • Some tulips last so long you could almost dust them off, and others you can't trust over night.

    Night   Dust   Long  
  • One arranges flowers as the spirit moves you; to obey some inner prompting to put this colour with that, to have brilliance here, line there, a sense of opulence in this place or sparseness in that; to suit your surroundings, your mood, the weather, the occasion. In a word, to do as you please, just as, if you could, you might paint a picture.

    Flower   Moving   Weather  
    Constance Spry (1940). “Constance Spry's Garden Notebook”
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